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All Is Well
All Is Well


Dearest Reader,

Happy Valentine’s Day this weekend.


My Valentine’s wish for you is that you *know* and *feel* that love surrounds you.

In ways both ***Seen*** and ***Unseen***


In ordinary ways and in extraordinary ways.

In ways that are obvious and known to us and also in ways that are hidden and unknown…

… in ways perhaps we can’t fully realize until our lives are over and we return into ALL THAT WE ARE and can understand from a broader perspective.


This Valentine’s Day, I want to share with you a glimpse of my own loves, my children!!!

They are the reason I know what absolute love is,

…they are the reason I can flow extraordinary and powerful and healing love directly through my heart chakra to my patients,

…they are why I am alive and why I do what I do

…and why I have awakened to the beautiful truth that:


Love is the only thing that matters.

Love Surrounds us… always.

Love is the bottom line.


These two are my bottom line, my truth:


clara and I

My daughter Clara, age 13

Miles and I

My son Miles, age 11


I love you Miles and Clara!


Whether you look into the eyes of your soul mate today,

…whether you look into the eyes of a child you love today,

…whether you spend some of the day with friends


…whether love surrounds you invisibly as you spend the day alone today:



dynamic universe
Dynamic Universe

Love surrounds us all.


At all times.


In ways both seen and unseen.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

xoxoxox, Laura


P.S. We had fun making some Valentines artwork this week… thought I’d share them with you in case you are looking for some quick and easy crafts to do with your loves too!

Here are two fun things I found off Pinterest:

We made fingerprint balloon hearts:


Heart fingerprints
inspired by this artwork on Pinterest


and tree hearts:


inspired by this craft on Pinterest


Let me know if you give them a try!!!