Natural DC Earth Energy Shown To Improve Wound Healing In Skin

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The Power Of DC Energy For Skin Healing

This is an incredible study, just published in March of 2023, that backs up what multiple medical studies on grounding have been demonstrating for years: time spent grounded to the earth boosts skin health and improves the skin’s ability to heal.

When skin is injured, it naturally creates a small electric field of DC energy to help guide tissue repair.  This DC current allows cells to migrate along that mini electrical field, a healing property called electrotaxis.  Many of the cells of the skin required for healing are eelectrotactic, including neutrophils, monocytes, lymphocytes, macrophages, endothelial cells, fibroblasts, and keratinocytes themselves.

Wounds in skin create a natural electrical field that helps to guide repair (electrotaxis) and these electrical fields are an essential part of skin repair.  These researchers wanted to test if exogenously applied DC energy (exactly what your body gets when you are grounded to the earth) helps encourage skin healing by boosting the flow of this DC guidance to our skin cells.

To do this, they set up a model of healthy skin cells that they created a wound in and then applied DC energy to.  They also set up a model of injured skin (replicating diabetic skin that has a decreased healing ability) and applied DC energy to a wound in the diabetic skin model as well.

Here is what they found:

  • DC energy significantly accelerated wound closure for both healthy as well as unhealthy skin
  • DC energy improved wound healing so much that it made normal skin heal three times faster.  3X faster!
  • DC energy improved skin healing in diabetic skin so well that it healed at almost the same rate as totally healthy skin!





DC Energy For Our Entire Body’s Health

I’ve been telling you all about the healing power of this DC energy from the earth for years now.   As far as I am  aware, I’m the only medical grounding expert that has been tirelessly trying to educate folks on why we want to remove AC current from our ground lines and the only one that has gone the distance of creating and offering a DC-only ground cord.

Called the PureGround cord, this DC-only ground cord contains components that act like one-way valves that only allow healing electrons from the earth to reach your body.  The PureGround filter removes AC current on the cord and doesn’t allow it to reach your grounding tool. And because it has EMF shielding that wraps the entire length of the cord, it also prevents any EMFs from inducing current on the ground cord itself.

This pure DC energy is what the researchers in the experiment above used to speed up — tripling the wound healing rates in skin. For a great 10 minute overview on how DC energy powers and heals our entire body (not just our skin!) watch the video below.  It’s worth 10 minutes of your time.

In it I explain how our brain, heart, muscles and other organs of the body all operate using pure DC energy:





Grounding and Skin Repair

We  know from previous grounding studies like this one, published in The Journal Of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine in 2013, that grounding improves blood flow by decreasing blood viscosity, improving blood flow to the skin and throughout the entire body.

And this one, published in 2015 in the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications which shows in a double blinded placebo based study that grounding significantly improved blood flow to the skin of the face.

And this study, published in the Journal of Inflammation Research in 2014 that showed grounding simultaneously decreased inflammation and boosted immune function which then resulted in improved wound healing in multiple test subjects, which you can see for yourself in the pictures in that article.

Grounding was even found in this study, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine in 2011, to decrease blood glucose in diabetic patients, which helps explain the more recent study I talk about at the benign of this article, which found that applying a DC energy current to diabetic skin made it heal almost as fast as healthy, non-diabetic skin!

All together, applying the natural energy of the earth — a totally natural DC energy source — is a wonderful, holistic way to support skin health — helping to heal wounds and repair skin by boosting blood flow and speeding oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin.

Its fabulous to add to any skin care regime as well as any wound healing therapy.  All it takes is going outside to touch the earth directly, or, if you prefer using an indoor grounding tool, making sure to select a tool that comes with a DC-only ground cord, the PureGround cord.

This study takes our understanding of grounding even further, because researchers specifically only used direct current (DC) energy, which is the natural energy we get from the earth.  No artificial manmade energy (AC energy) was allowed in this study.

This helps explain why grounding using a PureGround cord — which only allows DC energy to reach the human body when using grounding tools — is superior to grounding using a standard ground cord that allows both DC energy and AC energy to reach the body.


The PureGround Cord


Remove AC Exposures To Improve Grounding

If you want a great overview on why manmade, AC current is not healthy for our bodies, hop over here to get started:

Could You Be Electrosensitive?  Found Out Right Now


Stopping an AC current does not mean you are ungrounded, because what grounds you is actually a DC current, which remains fully intact through a PureGround cord.  AC current and DC current are completely different. The PureGround cord allows only a natural grounding exchange (DC current) while blocking and shielding the cord from interference by manmade EMFs (AC current.)

Here is a video demonstrating this for you.


The PureGround cord only allows current to flow in one direction, with electrons from the earth heading straight to your body as you need them.

Ahhhh… that’s called a DC current, and is responsible for the healing relief of grounding!

What the PureGround will block, and block effectively, is an AC current. Your body does not need or want to have an artificial, man-made AC current running to it. To help you understand the difference between man-made AC current and natural, healing DC current, you might enjoy this free article I wrote for you here:


The Effects Of EMFs On The Human Body & The Natural Antidote





Protecting From Other Manmade EMFS

If you want to go further with protecting from AC current and other EMFs and would like me to personally walk you through how to protect your precious body from EMFs throughout your living and working spaces, I created an online class just for you.

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To your body’s totally natural, incredible healing capability!


Laura Koniver MD