New Beginnings

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The past several nights have been near freezing temps and I wake to find a frosty lawn. It makes me worry that I put my seedlings out too early, so I go to check on how they have survived in their makeshift greenhouses.

Walking out onto my front porch, I’m reminded that life doesn’t always run as smoothly as we hope. Not only have the temps been dipping below what I was anticipating, but the cover to one of my greenhouses has blown away in this passionate windy weather we’ve been having.

Making do, by putting some saran wrap over the top propped up with tongue depressors to form a sort of tent over the seeds, I’ve faithfully watered them and let nature take it’s course.

This morning, exactly one week after planting, I nervously peel back the covers and take a peek.

And I see a new beginning. Life, popping up despite the imperfect conditions.

This is so beautiful to me. This is so exactly how my life has gone. Never according to expectations, but beautifully unfolding nonetheless.

I have a new beginning of my own to share with you today…

Growing up I always dreamt deep dreams about becoming a physician. My grandest goal was to become the head surgeon of a busy hospital. As I grew up I modified that dream, realizing I didn’t want the lifestyle of a surgeon, but still… even as I married Craig, a fellow classmate in medical school… we dreamed of running our own private practice together one day.

Having children was the wind that blew the cover right off that tidy little greenhouse dream.

Absolutely breathless from the love I have for my children, I abandoned all thoughts of my own goals and focused entirely and exclusively on these precious little souls under my keep.

The seed for health and healing, helping patients find their way, was just a tiny little thing buried deep deep inside… almost forgotten under a tide of baby holding, little feet toddling, diaper changing, snuggling, finger painting and bubble blowing… I held on to that seed of medical knowledge but deep inside, a new vision was taking hold.

Slowly, slowly… as little hands became bigger hands that reached for me less and less, I had moments in-between the mothering that allowed me to awaken something new within me.

Stealing snatches of time to paint, create, craft, dream, meditate, go within, stillness… a deeper spirituality emerged. I began to see how limited the old medical model was and still is… I began to respect the messages that the body carries to us, to see all of it, all of the health and all of the disease and all of the love and all of the pain and all of the hurt and all of the glory as one beautiful world of shimmering energy… energy that is non-linear and has more then one answer.

I began to feel the seed take hold… I knew I could no longer return to the linear medical model of symptom = medication = absence of symptom = cure. No. I knew that covering up a symptom does not equal a cure, that the symptom itself is not to be suppressed… it is to be witnessed. Cherished for the message it brings. Honored, and then… ultimately… transformed.

Transforming the energy of disease into the energy of love.

Re-establishing our innate connection to Well-Being.

I know this is my future. I know this is my path to share. My previous love of medicine has been passionately and completely transformed into a love of re-connecting patients to health.

It is my fervent belief that no matter what physical condition we are experiencing, we can be connected to health and Well-Being. Even in the midst of dis-ease. Even as we allow an unfolding of our path. Even when life does not go according to our expectations.

As my children still need me at home, I have begun to offer this new understanding to patients in ways I never expected. Starting this blog almost one year ago was a wonderful beginning. Offering on-line health e-courses for the past several month has been amazing for me. And through these courses I’ve realized that my very favorite part of the courses I run is always, hands down, the interaction I have with participants… when they contact me for a private consultation.

Working one-on-one with participants, witnessing their health situation and allowing my medical knowledge and my intuition dance together to create a healing experience is magical for me. I feel very blessed to be able to do this on-line while my children still need me at home. I envision one day, when my children have long since been launched, running weekend Health Empowerment retreats alongside my amazing husband, and also seeing patients privately for medical intuition in the office.

So, for now, I’ve decided to offer medical intuitive counseling sessions on-line, available now on it’s own, apart from my e-courses.

Of course with each e-course, you will continue to have complimentary health support directly from me. But for those who have a specific health issue that they’d like to work on without taking a course, this is for you.

If you are interested in finding out more, take a look on my website here or in my Etsy shop here.

So as the seedlings push up though the soil and sprout, I can feel my new offering take root.

Nature has taught me this:

Nothing goes as expected.

Life moves on.

It’s a beautiful process.