New Original Canvas Paintings up in shop!

You CAN feel better!

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Wish Flowers… a painting about an entire lifetime

Never Alone… you never are!

Nighttime Frolic… I love this one!

A New Day, the original painting

Bursting with Life! An original painting on cancer awareness and healing

The Castle Remains… my husband’s favorite painting!

Driftwood, original canvas painting

Quick shop update… several new canvases listed for sale… some new ones, and some old ones that I was previously selling only as prints, I’m now making the original painting available for sale. Thanks so much for taking a look at my shop, and for passing the link along to any loved ones that might be interested! xoxo

P.S… Come back Friday for My Favorite Thing… it’s the hallway this time. The hallway? Can a hallway even *have* a favorite thing? Mine finally does…I just put it up this week… I’ve got some pics for you! xoxo