My Organic Poptarts Suck

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You know how most of the blogs out there make you feel like you aren’t doing enough? Every blog I love and faithfully read has two things in common. One, the crafty women writing the blogs are genius. The things they come up with are amazing. Two, everything always comes out perfectly.

I couldn’t be one of those blogs if I tried, so I’m not going to try.

This was *supposed* to be an awe inspiring post about some homemade, organic pop tarts that I made. I saw this post on Smitten Kitchen: and you really have to check it out, it is gorgeous and overwhelmingly impressive. It made me print out the recipe and vow to make them myself right on the spot.

Well folks, this blog is not that blog. Because here is what I came up with…

It started out promisingly enough. Good, organic ingredients. Fantabulous recipe.

First I started off making the strawberry filling, and my heart started sinking instantaneously. And yours would too, if you used a jar of 100% organic, home made, hand-picked strawberry jam, made from strawberries that your gorgeous, precious sweet little children had painstakingly collected for you under the duress of the hot South Carolina sun… for which you then slaved over a hot, boiling, sticky stove making and canning your own jam… Preserved blood would not have been as precious to me as this jam, I’m telling you. BUT. Smitten Kitchen’s recipe is THAT GOOD. Homemade jam kind of good.

So back to my sinking heart… I could tell the jam wasn’t setting firm enough after boiling with the cornstarch. I should have turned back right then. But dammit! After wasting an entire jar of that jam, I’m not calling it quits just yet!

Instead I forced myself onwards, to creating the dough, rolling it out, trying to get the jam to stay on the inside, and then baking it… yeah, I was in a foul mood after all of that.

My poor innocent husband walked in through the door from a long day of work to see me giving my oven the middle finger as they were baking.

Here is what came out. Empty squares of plain pie crust.

And my husband? He ate every single one of them. God I love that man. He is my world. For him, I will make a double batch of strawberry jam next year, and I won’t waste it on homemade poptarts. If you go for it, please let me know how yours turn out! xoxo