Organic Gardening Series… kicking it off with seeds!

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Spring has filled the air around here… at least it’s become warm enough for me to realize the ground isn’t going to stay cold for long and I better get some of the garden fertilized and seedlings started.

The first step of this whole process is to make sure we are getting non-GMO seeds. With the recent surrender of Whole Foods, Organic Valley, and Stoneyfeild Farms to the Monsanto GMO dictatorship, it is more important then EVER to make sure you are as close to your food as possible… knowing where your food comes from is the only real way to ensure what you are putting in your mouth is what Mother Nature indended.

You should be aware that even *organic* products use genetically modified contaminated products these days… very disappointing. All foods containing corn, soybeans, canola (and the animal products that have fed off of these GMO products) are now contaminated with genetically engineered products… an infestation that is irreversible.

Due to cross pollination, the introduction of GMO crops has now made *organic* crops (and the animals that feed off of this so called organic grain) pretty much obsolete. No such thing any more. At this point, most “natural” processed foods and animal product foods sold in stores (even natural stores such as Whole Foods) are labeled organic but have GMO derivatives in them.

So… more then any years past, I am extremely grateful for the land we have and the soil in my own backyard. More then any years past, I’d like to can more and preserve more and eat more straight from my own backyard. More then any years past, I’d like to make sure I start with heriloom quality seeds… seeds that are pure and non-GMO.

Generally, the seeds you find on a rack at a garden store or seedlings from your local hardware store are going to be a hybrid seed. This means that the seeds are not heirloom quality… you can’t trust that the seeds that are produced on that plant you grew can be replanted and grown to produce the same product. A hybrid plant may have some seeds that come out bearing a different type of fruit then the parent plant. Huh? No science experiments in my garden, please.

I love Bakers Creek Heirloom Seed Catalog… love the company and love the gorgeous catalog I get the pleasure of looking through each year. Every single seed they sell is guaranteed heirloom… pure and preserved. You can save the seeds from your fruits and use them the next year to start your garden all over again.

Many folks recommend getting your seeds from a catalog as opposed to your local store anyway because seed companies store their seeds in temperature controlled rooms… unlike at hardware store warehouses where they have been stacked in an overheated warehouse to be destroyed. Having the seeds ship straight to you ensures their success.

Over the next few weeks, I’d love to share with you our gardening strategy and I would *love* to hear tips from you folks as well. I’ve got lots of little tidbits along the way (would you be shocked to hear that I use our own urine to add nitrogen back into the soil of our houseplants? No fake green “miracle grow” for us… organic pee is where it’s at! I have my kids pee into an old yogurt container and I dilute this out 1:10 and then water the houseplants… they’ve never looked better!)


Here is to your garden and a lovely spring! xoxo