Pain and Joy together, at the same time.

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My grandfather passed away last night… and while I’m feeling full of gratitude that he is reunited with the love of his life, my Grams, I am feeling the rawness in my own heart today.

I want to thank him for being exactly who he was and for giving me the overwhelming gift of bringing my own father into this world. My dad is one of my most favorite people of all time, and because of my grandfather, he exists, I exist, my children exist.

I am re-posting this blog post from last April, as out past the sorrow of losing him I feel the full expansion of his joy as he holds hands with Grams again and smiles down on us all.

Love, Laura


So I was telling my kids about my recent trip out of the Universe… how it felt so light and expansive to reach past the confines of our universe… and my daughter instantly knew what I was trying to say.


“It reminds me of how I feel when I am swimming. I am holding my breath underwater, and as I come up to the surface, I break through the top and take a big free breath. It feels amazing,” Clara said.


Holy. Crap. YES!


This is what took me paragraph after paragraph to try to explain on Monday. That’s it! The feeling of holding your breath for a long period of time… breaking through the surface… expanding into all that you are, all that soul freedom… greeting all of your loved ones and re-emerging into non-physical.



Do you have a loved one who as passed away? This painting is the closest thing I have ever seen to what it feels like to break through that barrier and release your earthly confines.


See all the souls, still holding their breath but swimming up to the top? All the joy and love that waits for them just above the surface? How wonderful it feels to take that first big breath and remember who you truly are… that you are more than your earthly body, that you are a soul eternal?





The love that surrounds us and awaits us as we make this journey is intoxicating.






This canvas is for sale in my shop here, with free shipping! I’m debating whether or not to make it into prints. I feel like it is such a comforting image… something I want to remember over and over again, as I think about growing older and as more and more of my precious loved ones re-join the non-physical world. At the same time, I feel like this image should be special… only for the one person who needs the original in their home.


Sometimes living down here on Earth can feel hard. Heavy and hard. That’s when I remember… it’s because we are all down here, holding our breath, carrying around these heavy heavy Earth suits. For certain, there is great joy and fun to be had down here. But it is nothing compared to that lightness of being that souls feel.

It’s a great big swim down here… temporary and interesting and fun and playful and deep. Just know that when we make that swim up to the surface, the fullness of our being awaits.