Panning outward…

You CAN feel better!

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Today was spent with friends, more crafting, some swimming and jumping on our trampoline… but what made my heart sing today was a quiet moment in the front yard with my two babies (okay, they are 6 and 8, not exactly babies, but *my babies* still! forever!)

I turned on the hose to water a newly planted palm tree — we love that tree, and the bottom leaves are turning brownish. As the water ran out, my kids set about building a dam so that the water stayed around the base of the tree.

While they were busy having fun, I took a step back. And a deep breath. Ahhh yes, I had forgotten to breathe all morning. Now another step back, deep breath, and *appreciating* my kids for exactly who they are and what they are doing Right Now.

(And yes, those are the same cut off jeans shorts she wore yesterday… told you she loves them!) Okay, now another breath. Another step back. Another moment to appreciate my home, my yard, the sky, the clouds, the wind, the planet… yes… THIS is what I’ve been needing all day.

Sometimes you just have to pan outwards a bit, stop being so focused on the *right in front of you* and allow the fullness of *this moment* to sink in. Yup, found my heartsong today, right here in my front yard.

Now back to scrubbing potatoes for dinner. If only I can figure out a way to pan outwards from my kitchen stove! xoxo