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painting behind the scenes Last week I shared how I painted the front cover of the soundtrack to the motion picture The Grounded.


This week, I want to take you behind the scenes of the creation of the back cover of the CD.


The amazing and talented composer Stuart Mitchell gave me free rein over the design of the back cover.

Here is what I came up with!



1. Sketch out a composition until happy with the design, then draw onto a canvas.

For the back of the CD, I wanted to show footprints on sand:

art for earthing soundtrack



2. Paint in background colors, using warm gold tones for sand and sky, then gesso in the ocean:

painting sand


3. Add several more layers of oranges and russet brown tones for depth:


painting sand overlay




4. Add even more layers of color to the sand (purples, pinks) and then add aqua tones for the ocean:




5. Add highlights and lowlights to the water using whites, pale aquas and richer teal colors:





6. Begin to add details to the sand. Here, I have covered up the ocean and sky with paper so that I could splatter whites, yellows, oranges, browns and golds onto the sand using a wet toothbrush:





7. Sketch on the footprints and a spiraling seashell:





8. Gesso in the sea shell to give it a bright white background on top of the sand:





9. Ink in shell details as well as the deepest parts of the footprints with liquid ink to add depth:





10. Overlay different gradients of warm brown tones onto the rest of the footprint, add dimension to the seashell using pale grey tones (say hi to my daughter’s super sweet bird, who kept me company for most of the time I spent painting!):




11. Add more layers of details to shell and water and sky:





12. Add shadows to the seashell and highlights to the sand around the perimeter of the footprints:





13. Finally, add some warm yellow sunshine peeking out on the horizon and touching on the waves, sand and shell:


CD sountrack The Grounded

And there you have it! The back cover to The Grounded motion picture soundtrack!

The soundtrack will be available on iTunes in the upcoming weeks, but you can find it online immediately right here.

CD_FRONT_grounded_laura copy

And, just like last week, you can listen to a free track of the CD before the motion picture has even been released:

Right here, right now, treat yourself to a few minutes of soul lifting music:


“A Reason To Hope” — directly from The Grounded motion picture soundtrack.


Just click the play button in the middle of the page, sit back, close your eyes, and let your spirit soar.


Share this post with your loved ones so that they can be uplifted by this inspirational music today as well!


I really hope you loved the little peek behind-the-scenes in my art studio as I painted the front and back covers of The Grounded CD! I’d love know what you think of the designs…

xoxo, Laura