Photography Assignment, week 2

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Here is the second week of pics I took in the awesome photography course I am taking… Vivienne McMaster’s 4 week self portrait beginner on-line photography class Wading In. If you want to see my first week assignment pics, I show them here.

Okay, so this week was about showing snapshots of your day… she said to just snap what you do throughout the day… sticking a little portion of yourself into the shot.  I was taking pictures of my son one day and thought, what the heck… I started tickling him with my foot and this is the shot I caught:



I took a bubble bath, one of my favorite ways to recharge, and again… the foot seems like the easiest thing to sneak into a shot.  And hell, seeing as how I was in a bathtub, seemed also like the only thing I *could* put in the shot.  This being a family friendly blog and all.



Sadly I didn’t fit much more time in this week for photography… but over the weekend we did hit the beach.  And while I didn’t have my camera with me, I grabbed my cell phone and got these shots too:


Surprise!  Feet again!




Surprise.  Feet.  Again.

But this time my daughter snuck her foot in between mine, and I cherished that so much.


Love this sun drenched goofy picture of my I-really-could-eat-her-face-right- off- she-is-that-adorable-to-me daughter.



And this pic doesn’t even count because technically it’s not a self portrait… my daughter took it of her Mommy and Daddy… but I love it so much because in the reflection of my sunglasses you can see our beach towel and my daughter’s hand as she holds my cell phone and snaps the shot.  Thanks Clara!

There you have it!  I hope you all have an amazing weekend starting right now… and to all the mothers out there, including my own wonderful mother who I love love love love love… happiest of all mothers days!  Cheers!  xoxo, Laura