Photography Assignment, week 3.

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Oh my goodness. This week is by far the hardest week to share with you. She wanted us to dance in front of the camera. Gulp.

I love to dance around with my kids, but they refused to join in with me. Miles cranked a tune on his iPod… he picked Hot Wings (I Want To Party) featured in the Motion Picture Soundtrack of the movie Rio. We loved that movie, by the way!

I went out under the sun and got it over with. And yes, right during the song is when the afternoon school bus just had to drive through the neighborhood, didn’t it?

I can only salvage two pics to show you. The first one I like… even though I forgot to suck my stomach in… because it looks like I’m levitating… cool!

The second one catches my laugh of embarrassment when I first heard the school bus coming around the corner. Ummm… End of session.

One last week to go! Next Friday will be the final photography class. If you are interested in taking the course yourself, or any of her other classes (she has several more advanced classes which look fabbo!) check out Vivienne McMaster’s website here!


Come back on Monday for Thoughts On Health about toothpaste! And the following week, I’m so excited for, because I’ve been saving up some awesome reader ideas on Organic Gardening for you. See you there! xoxo