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Intuition is in our cellular structure… literally.

There is a physical biology behind intuition. Using intuitive guidance is actually in the design of our cells, in the design of our DNA, it’s in the design of our existence.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, pioneered the ground breaking revelation that it is not our DNA that is a master template that our bodies are wired around, but it is actually the exact opposite: DNA stands to serve as a resource for incoming information and directives to use as a raw material for expression.

This is the science of epigenetics — how our DNA is read and what it expresses is modifiable by external circumstances. The perfect example of this is what I wrote about for you a few weeks ago, in this medical study that helped to explain why stress during childhood can affect your health as an adult.

Our cell membranes, with all it’s receptors, and our cellular messenging system that brings incoming information into our cells helps to decide how our DNA is used. It is the messages coming into the nucleus of our cells that our DNA responds to… used as a template according to the messages our cells are receiving externally.



Our body does not function by our DNA initiating and sending out messages on it’s own… each cell functions by receiving information from the external and then uses the genes in our DNA as a resource to respond to incoming signals in the appropriate way.

So it’s as if your DNA is a grocery store — all the genes are different ingredients waiting to be utilized. They can be selected and utilized in countless ways based on the incoming messages, information, environmental stimuli, thoughts, beliefs, intuitive information, and energetic information. Based on these signals, different ingredients are retrieved from the shelves in order for you to create whatever meal is being requested.

Any type of dish, and type of salad, soup, casserole, main course, desert, snack — all of it is possible depending on how you combine the ingredients you find in the grocery store.

And all of these dishes and more… an unlimited array… can be created in the same kitchen.



In other words, your cells can create anything they like, using the raw ingredients of your DNA but using the directive from incoming information. The directive does not come from the DNA. The DNA is an ingredient, a raw material at best.

External information is the master chef, in charge of the creation!

This has been shown again and again in the scientific literature, the power of the cell membrane and cellular messengers to modify the expression of the DNA… confirmed by the Human Genome Project.

The Human Genome Project revealed that there are only about 34,000 genes in the human genome.

This is less than 1/3 of the genes that were projected to be found… researchers had estimated that humans needed at least — at least! — 100,000 genes in order to have a gene that encodes for all the different proteins and regulatory mechanisms that produce the great variation we have in our anatomy, physiology, and behavior.

What they found, instead, is that the number of genes we have do not cover even half of the proteins that the human body is made of (over 70,000 different proteins.)  So the DNA can’t even account for the variety of physical elements the body is made of, much less the vast array of function and expression of said proteins that create our human existence.

DNA can not be a master template, if more than half of the “game plan” is missing.  Instead, the DNA must be receiving incoming information from an outside source that is using the DNA as an expressive medium.



Just like every single book you have ever read — every single word you have ever read — from a magazine, from the internet, from this blog post, passages from any religious text you’ve ever read to the newspaper to your child’s picture book — is actually simply a combination of a finite amount of letters — in English this is just 26 letters used in different arrangements to create the unlimited beautiful expression of words.

In this exact way, our 34,000 genes in our DNA simply a beautiful but limited tool, an alphabet, used in different arrangements to create an unlimited beautiful expression of life.

I found this awesome quote in this great article here — I highly recommend you read it! — but in that article there was a quote from nobel prize winning geneticist David Biltmore:

“It is clear that we do not gain our undoubted complexity over worms and plants by using more genes. Understanding what does give us our complexity – our enormous behavioral repertoire, ability to produce conscious action, remarkable physical coordination, precisely tuned alterations in response to external variations of the environment, learning, memory…need I go on? – remains a challenge for the future.”  Nature 409:816, 2001


So… what does control our biology, if not our genes?

Turns out the cell membrane is the cell’s control center, turning genes on and off from information received and signals transmitted through cell receptors.

In other words, cells are perceptive to outside stimulus and this shapes the function of the entire unit.  Our biology is literally designed to receive outside information and to use this information as a directive on how to experience our lives.

Our bodies do this every single moment of every single day, naturally. Without conscious effort. We are literally built to pick up on external information and use it.

Our body is responding to at all times, day and night, from incoming information that shapes our physical reality… this is the way we function whether we know it or not.

So… do you think we were meant to be ignoring messages from our soul?  Do you think we were meant to flow our living life force through bodies that were totally ignoring our soul energy and just flowing on autopilot from our DNA?

No way.

If every single cell in our body;

  • from our neurons (who use receptors on the surface to pick up on our neurochemistry that tells us everything from what mood we are in to directing our sleep/wake cycle)
  • to our sensory organs (which tell us everything from what we hear, what we touch, what we are seeing every moment of every day)
  • to our skin (which tells us if we are touching something too hot, too cold, too sharp, too abrasive, that gives us a feeling if we are unsafe, that allows us to soak in every warm touch and loving caress we’ve ever had)
  • to our muscles (that allow us to speak, move, create, journey through life, interact, move, explore the world around us)

and every other cell in every single organ system is created to take in external information and use it to achieve optimum health and expression… then certainly we (as a whole organism) are designed to pick up on external information and use that information to achieve optimum health and expression.

Any function that is higher than a brain stem function operates from external information as the driving force behind expression. And even our brain stem function too, as a matter of fact.

DNA is not the source of expression.

DNA is static without incoming information.

Without external energetic information interacting with the cell, it is not functioning in a healthy way.



Just like after your soul leaves your body — once the soul energy is no longer interacting with the body… all that is physically left behind is a carbon based shell — the old earth suit — that then decomposes.

It is not the body, not the cell, and not even the DNA within the cell that is the basis of life. It is the energetic environment that moves through the cell, lives the cell, that brings life to the cell and informs it’s process.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how much DNA you have or how many genes you have if it is not receiving a signal! It’s the signal that informs and expresses life.

And you are seeped in these signals, these messages, every single moment of your life.

  • Messages from your external environment like temperature, location, an assessment on safety, on balance and a judgement on the next movement needed to maintain balance for example.
  • Messages from your internal environment, like your thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, desires, fears, hopes, dreams, preferences, stressors for example.
  • And I believe, intuitive messages from your larger soul perspective, your 6th sense, your gut knowings, your intuitions, your soul’s guidance… these energetic messages are the most important pieces of life-bringing life-enhancing information you could ever hope for.

And they are your birthright. Your innate design, built into your biology. The messages your body relays to you include intuitive messaging from your soul energy.



Any vision, sound, smell, sensation, emotion, experience, message and interconnection between yourself and others that brings you extrasensory information is designed to be listened to.

You are meant to receive intuitive information.  You are meant to recognize it.  You are meant to utilize this information to make the best possible decisions in your daily life in order to align with the best possible outcome — every day, all day.

Enjoy whatever intuitions come into your awareness today, knowing they are there by design to enhance the functioning of your body, your cells, your journey, your path, your life.  To help you open up to intuitive knowings in a fun and simple way, today I want to share with you some exercises you can do to connect to your intuition.

Here are three playful, easy ways to bring more awareness of your intuition into your daily life…


3 Playful Ways To Use Your Intuition:


1. Use your intuition to decide on what to wear today.


Stand in front of your clothing, whether in a closet or in drawers, and use your body’s sensory information and open intuition to feel which outfit is most aligned with the unique energy of this unique day.

Colors, textures, fabrics, styles, lengths, warmth, privacy — all of these components of the outfit you wear make a difference to your energy field.

In particular, I have found that color makes the biggest difference to me in my energy for the day, but for you it might be a texture of the fabric you respond to, or how warm it makes you feel on a cool day, or how cool it makes you feel on a hot day, or how private it allows you to be or how visible invisible you want to be that day, etc…

It is undeniable that certain clothes make you feel fabulous on certain days, and certain clothes just drain the color and life force right out of you.

The best example of how to dress comes from children.

Have you ever seen a child light up when they are given the freedom of expression to wear exactly what they want to when they want to?

I absolutely loved watching my daughter create the most amazing combinations of clothes when she was little — often she would layer polka dots with stripes, warm and cool colors together, and skirts over top of pants. Adding on a vest over her shirt, and fingerless gloves on top of that, she was just the pure definition of sass and vibrancy.

Taking a cue from the raw energy of children, today stand in front of your clothes, whether you have two options or twenty options to choose from, and choose the one that you feel most aligned with.

  • Choose the color that feels right to you intuitively
  • Choose the texture that feels right to you intuitively
  • Choose the one that highlights what you feature feel most good about within your body today and what you’d like to keep covered or protected — your intuition is telling you what body parts could use a little extra nurturing and which ones are ready to be shown off to the world today.


2. Use your intuition to choose what foods to eat today.


Food is meant to nourish us, plain and simple.

It is the energy of the food that enters our body and provides us with fuel to use each day and building blocks to repair and heal our body with.

Our soul energy can feel and sense the energy contained within food… so today, allow your intuition to select what is high quality enough and aligned well with your physical make up at this particular point in time enough to eat.

Putting food into your body is sacred and holy — it is very intimate — it is accepting something as worthy of nourishing your precious body.  You can *feel* past cravings and impulse decisions and choices of convenience to deeper alignment with the foods in front of you.

  • Sense which options make your body energy feel expansive (and which make your energy feel contracted…) as you scan through a menu, walk through the grocery store, or pull foods from your pantry.
  • Scan your body for a *yes* or a *no* as you pull together your meals.
  • Feel which foods your soul accepts into it’s energy feild and which it feels hesitant about.
  • Also use your intuition to know when it’s time to stop eating. Allow yourself the freedom to change your mind mid-bite if you need to. What felt like a *yes* when you were pulling it from the fridge might feel like a *no* after two bites — honor this. If a *yes* turns out to have just been a craving… as it is quenched, stop when you sense this quenching instead of eating past the saturation point.

As you select foods with awareness more and more often, you’ll get really good at what true *soul yes* feels like — when the food not only seems appealing but it feels right as it digests and distributes through your body.

A yes from your soul will feel like a yes all the way from selecting to preparing to eating to utilizing the energy from it afterwards.  Take notice of which foods turn into a *no* once it starts digesting inside.  Or which foods turn into a *no* when you are trying to fall asleep that night!

Tuning in more and more to what your body needs each day:

  • do you need more protein today?
  • do you need to focus more on hydration today?
  • does something crisp and fresh like an apple appeal to you today?
  • does something warm and comforting like soup appeal to you today?
  • today is it better just to fast and focus on good hydration?)

allows you to use food as a tool that nurtures you inside and out and decrease the amount of foods you eat that are not in alignment with your true health.


3. Use your intuition to choose your activities today, for example:


  • Movement:

Pick a movement that aligns with your soul energy best on this particular day, in this particular moment (allow intuition to signal to you when to wake up and go to sleep, what activities feel most engaging and which to step away from, how far to walk or what exercise to do)


  • Driving:

Pick a path that unfolds most easily when driving your daily grind, getting to the grocery store, taking your kids to the park. It may not be the most direct way or the routine way. Or maybe it is… let your deeper intuition inform you.


  • Triaging emails and social media:

Use your intuitive sense as you scan your email inbox each day or wade through social media.. your intuition can help you to decide which emails to answer, and which to simply bless and delete, which emails to purge, and which to pass along and delegate to others. It can help you decide what social media platform to log out of, which ones to engage in and which to step away from, how long to stay on each, whether you really want to do that google search or not, and when to get off line entirely.

Feel that knot in your stomach when it’s time to get off. Don’t ignore it and keep scrolling. Feel in your heart or your solar plexus or your mind’s eye, wherever you feel most easily in your body when online activities create even the smallest bit of tension for you… and honor this by disengaging with it immediately.

Over time you will get very good at stepping away and honoring your mental and physical health first — social media second (if at all.)



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