Low Energy? Lack of Purpose? Open Your Crown Chakra Today (video)

You CAN feel better!

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Do you feel lonely? Isolated? Frustrated?

Do you tend to be harder on yourself then you would be on others?

Do you take things out on yourself, of feel responsible for things that are out of your control?

Do you suffer from insomnia?

Loss of pleasure in the small things?

Lost the spontaneous laugh you used to have?

Loss of fulfillment in your career?

Not sure of your true life’s purpose?

If any of these things sound like you, let yourself off the hook and open to the possibility that it is simply a matter of rebalancing your crown chakra.

You are so very hard on yourself when what you are really doing is functioning the very best you can under extremely difficult energy dynamics.



There is a soul reason for being alive right here, right now, at exactly this time in exactly this place and in exactly this way.


You are on your perfect life’s path, you just feel disconnected to it because of a disconnect in the way the energy is flowing through your crown chakra.


Right now, today, here is a video where I walk you through how to assess and rebalance your crown chakra, so that you can start to feel aligned with — instead of struggling against — your divine journey.

Crown Chakra Healing:



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XOXO, Laura


P.S. Today was the last in my Chakra Healing Video Series.

If you want to go much, much further into the intuitive side of healing… opening and expanding your very own direct intuitive capacity…


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Together we will connect with each of the 7 chakras over a period of 7 weeks:

  • individually assessing the flow through each chakra
  • releasing any specific blocks in each chakra
  • aligning with the highest flow potential synergistically through all the chakras together
  • using live Q&A calls, live healing energy attunement calls, articles, exercises, journal questions, yoga poses, food choices, etc… that all work together to bring healing awareness, one chakra at a time, until they are all balanced one on top of the other!

I look forward to working personally with you, activating and opening each chakra and supporting your very best health yet!!!

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