Vitamin D decreases Diabetes Risk

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As last week’s blog post highlights, Vit D is an important supplement for whole body health.


I’m not a huge advocate for taking a lot of pills, vitamins, supplements or prescription medications, but there are two supplements I feel there is so much positive medical literature on that they are my *go to* recommendations for almost every patient: Vitamin D supplements and Omega 3 fatty acid supplements.

So today, let’s look at yet another way that Vitamin D impacts the body:

decreasing our set up for metabolic syndrome.


Because there are Vitamin D receptors in insulin target cells in the liver, in muscle, and in fat tissues, it’s likely that Vitamin D plays an as-yet not fully understood role in the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes.

It is known that folks with Vitamin D deficiency have both beta cell dysfunction together with increased insulin resistance — both of which are involved in the development of diabetes.

And now there are multiple studies out showing that having a deficit of Vitamin D increases your risk of developing diabetes… especially type 2 diabetes.


In some studies, the risk of developing diabetes actually DOUBLES

in the face of low Vitamin D levels!


Prior research shows that supplementing with Vitamin D increases insulin sensitivity and decreases risk for Type 2 Diabetes.

It’s not yet understood if taking Vit D supplements will impact disease progression in folks who already have Type 2 diabetes, but for those who have a family history or are pre-diabetic, Vit D supplements are a promising way to decrease future risk of developing diabetes.

Right now studies are ongoing to see if Vit D supplements can help at risk populations, such as looking at if pregnant women develop less gestational diabetes if taking Vit D supplements.


Meanwhile… want more reasons to be sure you are not Vit D deficient?

1. As I blogged about last week, Vit D increases the health benefits of weight loss by decreasing whole body inflammation

2. Vit D decreases risk of depression

3. Higher Vitamin D levels predicts better cancer recovery and outcome

4. Prevent dementia and boost brain health with this Vitamin D goal

5. Vitamin D even boosts fertility!


Why am I bringing up Vitamin D supplementation on my blog right now?

Because as we look ahead into fall, adding on a Vitamin D supplement is one of the best things you can do to support your Well Being through the upcoming fall and winter months. So right now is the perfect time to bring your awareness to how important Vitamin D is to your health.



My fav vitamin D supplement?

Emulsified and highly bio-available, once daily Biotics Vit D drops.


xoxoxoxo, Laura