Quote Splat #1

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There are hundreds of paths up the mountain

all leading in the same direction,

so it doesn’t matter which path you take.

The only one wasting time is one

who runs around and around the mountain,

telling everyone that his or her path is wrong.

– Hindu saying





Quote Splat is just for fun.

I have been doing so much art for “work” that I hadn’t created much art for pure fun lately. I decided to take just a little bit of time each week to take one of my very favorite quotes, and throw it down on the page. Not over think it. Not even have a plan until the paint hits the page.

So this is the first one… I love this one mostly because of the awesome quote, which never fails to make me smile, relax, and remember that my path is as good as any path.

I also love the colors — yellow and coral and pinks, so vibrant and joyful… and my favorite detail is that I created the “path” out of vintage sheet music. Because when you are following your own path, you follow the music of your own heartsong. I hope you liked this one too, I’ve got ten Quote Splats for you in total, one each week for another 9 Wednesdays.

In fact, I literally have ten for you, because I’d love to gift each Quote Splat to a reader for free! If you like this quote, or want to gift it to a friend or surprise a loved one who you think might enjoy it, just leave me a comment below (you can leave a comment even if you don’t want the art, of course! I love hearing from you!) or send a private email to heartsong@primary-plus and I’ll pop it in the mail to one randomly selected person!

Come back next Wednesday for Quote Splat #2, one I like even more than this one… a favorite quote from Buechner! In fact, I think they get better and better, and I can’t wait to see what you think! xoxo