Grounding Around EMFs and Dirty Electricity… A Medical Perspective

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What happens to the human body when we are grounding indoors… around EMFs and dirty electricity?

Give me a few minutes of your time to explain by clicking the video below:



I’m not a physicist or an electrical engineer. So I don’t pretend to know all there is to know about electricity, but I do know the human body.

And I know how the human body is responding to being grounded, indoors, surrounded by EMFs, cell phones, wires, power lines, etc… all around.

And the body’s response, hands down, every time, is to heal.


We know from over 20 years of studying the human body grounding indoors under urban conditions, totally surrounded by EMFs and *dirty* electricity, that healing happens when grounding directly under these conditions .

In fact, I believe grounding the human body is really the smartest thing we can do to allow our body to have a fighting chance to live in this urban world we have created, with an onslaught of toxicity from many angles constantly surrounding us.

As a physician, I see medications and vaccinations freely handed out after only a few years of medical study.

Yet grounding — in the midst of EMF exposure — has been studied for over two decades now.

We have exhaustively looked at the human body while it is grounded indoors — many times while directly hooked up to electrical devices in a sleep study lab, or with EEG monitors on the brain, and certainly always surrounded by EMFs and using office and home wiring for the grounding tool — and still the body heals.

Blood viscosity decreases. Blood pressure normalizes. Brain wave patterns relax. Muscle tension decreases. Pain lifts. Mood lightens.

Over time, hormones normalize. Cortisol drops. Blood sugars stabilize. Sleep deepens. Inflammation decreases.

The human body heals.

I believe we are at a crossroads where grounding our body is not only a smart healing practice to develop, but it’s actually mandatory if we want to experience healing in modern society.

Eating well isn’t enough, drinking filtered water isn’t enough, all the supplements in the world are not enough… none are a substitute for direct nurturing from the earth via grounding.


The most powerful way to be grounded for hours and hours and allow the body to heal is to sleep grounded at night.

Heal from the stressors of the day and deeply restore yourself in time to face the exposures of the day still to come.

Night after night after night, the body heals.

If you are going to lay in bed for hours every night, make them healing hours.

Hands down, the best way to do that is this grounding mattress panel.


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xoxoxo, Laura