Insomnia? 6 Unusual But Effective Ways To Deepen Your Sleep Tonight

You CAN feel better!

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sleep is important for health and healing

In the northern hemisphere, we are deep in the heart of winter…

…it’s the darkest time of the year and the perfect time to catch up and fully repair any sleep deficit you have built up throughout the year.


You absolutely, 100%


deep, restorative sleep!

This is very important work.

Make the time to DEEPLY SLEEP right now, when winter is gently urging you to hibernate. And even if you are in summertime in your part of the world, use this reminder to check in with your sleep habits and make sure you are supporting your health through restorative sleep.

In every single online course I teach — whether a general health class, the adrenal repair bootcamp, the detox bootcamp, the chakra class, the intuition class — sleep is one of the issues we *always* address.

There just isn’t an organ system or life goal or health goal that isn’t completely affected by whether you are sleeping well or not.


It’s non-negotiable… poor sleep causes:

  • memory impairment
  • shorter life span: decrease response time + decreased motor skills = increased risk of accidents
  • anxiety and other debilitating mood disturbances
  • widespread brain atrophy and much much more!!!



For example, a study (published in Neurology on Sept 3, 2104) found a widespread change in brain volume with poor sleep over time.

  • Researchers looked at 147 people and followed them (using MRI imaging) to look at the effects of poor sleep on the brain.

  • They found longitudinally over time that poor sleep quality was associated with smaller brain volume in the frontal cortex, temporal lobe, and parietal cortices… with more brain atrophy happening in those with the shortest sleep durations and poorest sleep quality.


If poor sleep causes the brain to atrophy, think of high quality sleep as helping to repair and protect the brain.


And to that end, I recorded this video for you to watch right now,

so that you can sleep better TONIGHT.


It’s filled with ideas for you… beyond the typical “set a routine, take a bath, drink tea” (none of those even make it into this video!)

Give it a listen and let me know which suggestion you are going to implement right away to start protecting your brain, boosting your memory, decreasing any anxiety or mood disturbances, losing weight more easily and much much more.

6 Crucial Ways To Get Deep Sleep Tonight

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Next week we are going to talk about the reverse — how daylight is so very important to your healing as well. But this week… focus on the amazing health benefits of sleep and evaluate if there are some changes you can make to sleep better, feel better, age better, live better.

I hope the video above is helpful to you!

xooxox, Laura




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