Sometimes A Girl Needs To Feel Like A Girl!

You CAN feel better!

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As you know, I’m a natural kind of gal, and after struggling with not liking my hair all my life I have really enjoyed using henna for the past year to create shine and smoothness in my frizzy tangles.
But you know what? As much as I love henna and will continue to use it as my fall back go-to conditioning glaze, I hadn’t had a *real* haircut, one in a salon, in a looooong time and I was feeling heavy and drab.




Lucky for me, right in my hometown a faboo new Aveda concept salon opened up, and I am smitten!

I saw the signage for Vintage Hair Studio out driving past it one day and it felt so perfect, I was drawn in. Something about the logo, the feel, the energy of the place had me thinking… is it time to get a real haircut, and maybe even a color?

Yes. Yes it was, my friends. It was high time.

So this Saturday I went in with lifeless heavy locks that pulled down at my face, and I walked out with soft waves and gentle highlights and crisp fresh ends. I love it! I feel like a girl again, instead of a ho-hum blob of generic brown. I love what the owner, Krisan, has done not only with my head of hair but her entire studio.

If you live anywhere in the Charleston area, I think you simply *need* to check them out. Located at 717 Old Trolley Road in Summerville, they are hands down my favorite salon, and I’m talking better than any salon I’ve tried in the hoity-toity downtown area. I love that she uses 99% natural Aveda products from start to finish, and I loved the open, relaxed, charming vintage feel of her studio. Located nestled between a coffee shop and an italian restaurant, do yourself a favor and make a day of it!

To find out more and to book your own appointment, call (843)871-5888, visit Vintage Hair Studio’s website here, or like her onfacebook! She has some great contests and promotions on her facebook page, so tell your friends.


That’s my little secret for feeling like a girl again this holiday season. Soooo nice to be back from boring-ville. A little bounce in your step never hurt anyone, did it? xoxo, Laura