Songs that uplift me…

You CAN feel better!

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My dear friend Jorie (hi babe!!!) has a facebook group dedicated to sharing uplifting music.

That’s where I heard of about 80% of the songs I love… so if you like these and want more, head on over and like her FB group called: Moved By The Music.

  • If you love pop music, try… Everybody, by Ingrid Michaelson
  • If you love jazz, try… Bring Me Sunshine, by The Jive Aces (give it a minute, it starts slow but is garunteed to make you smile…)
  • If you love reggae, try… Shine, by Aswad
  • If you want to feel joy, try… Give Love, by MC Yogi
  • If you want to feel peace, try… Exactly, by Amy Steinberg
  • If you want to feel connected, try… The Mother, by Xavier Rudd
  • If you want to feel thankful, try… Thank You, by The Make Peace Brothers

Oh, and I want to share this one other CD with you… Dandelions All Around by Olla De Gringos.

It is a funky cool eclectic kids CD with unusual and extremely clever lyrics (my favorite is Ground Zero for Humpty Dumpty… cracks me up every time.)

And it doesn’t hurt that singer/songwriter Richard Panzer used my art on his cover! His title track, Dandelions, brought him to my shop to purchase my original art “The Wish” and he used it on his CD cover.

I love that his lyrics are aimed to keep the adults as amused as the kids!

Pop on over to to hear samples of each song. You can find his awesome CD at,, and on iTunes. xoxo, Laura