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“Dynamic Universe”

I painted this canvas for a customer who wanted something similar to my original canvas painting “Love Is Everywhere,” but larger. I asked if she had any specific requests for this newer version, but she gave me complete artistic license to follow my gut while painting it. And I’m so very glad she did.

I had no idea what was to come, but I trusted and gave it a start. I love how the background took on a richer, more orange hue… and as I worked the many layers into the canvas, I noticed this orange color really allowed the universe to have more depth, as well as contrasted nicely with the blue of the earth. I was still thinking from a purely artistic vantage point, and while I was very pleased, the best was yet to come. I had no idea at this point.

As I began to sketch the souls throughout the universe, I started by trying to echo the original placement of the souls in Love is Everywhere. I wanted to make sure that my customer got a similar painting to the one that she originally liked. At this point I was still trying to duplicate Love is Everywhere, albeit on a larger canvas, with different dimensions, and a slightly richer color palette.

In between sessions, I let my imagination awake. I lay in bed one night, an insomniac through and through, and thought about the painting. What I wanted to add the next day. What I wanted to adjust. What I enjoyed about the painting so far.

And then, quite insistantly, several images popped into my mind and wouldn’t leave. I stopped thinking like an artist and allowed my intuition to take over. One, in the image above, was of a child and an adult. The adult has his arm around the child, and they are eagerly and joyfully watching the earth.

I had a feeling that this pair were either planning to come down to earth soon, and they were discussing the lifetime that they would get to spend together… or perhaps they were simply watching over the earth, watching a living loved one that they were connected to, enjoying watching her life from a broader perspective.

The second image that popped into my mind was of this one, two young adults who are so happy to finally re-unite. I didn’t feel like I could fit them into the original design of the painting, but they just wouldn’t let me go. I saw them all the time, doodled them on scrap paper over and over, and finally had to re-arrange the painting to fit them in. I got such a relieved and tender feeling when I finally painted them. I could feel how being together and re-finding each other was the most important thing to each of them.

This couple was in my original Love is Everywhere, and I just love them so much. This time a very distinct male and female energy came through, much more powerfully then in my first Love is Everywhere painting. Painting this couple was emotional for me, I felt such a strong yet gentle security emanate from the male, and such a graceful certainty and commitment from the female… I love this couple.

Lastly, my favorite set of souls are the ones to the right of the earth in the picture below… the mother who is greeting her two children. I know this represents how I see myself in this afterlife. My entire being and existence seems to hinge on being Clara and Miles’ Mommy. I just feel so healed by their very presence. I feel like I came down in this lifetime first, and came specifically to be their mother. I feel complete now in a way I never did before.

It is my honor to hold a space for them, to welcome them into this earth, to witness them at their most innocent and raw times, to care for them and raise them. I am equally honored to go first into death. To return to the full expansion of who-we-are. To shed my body and wait joyfully and lovingly as I watch their journey unfold. To be the first person to welcome them home when they are ready to re-join in the non-physical. Just as I was the first person to hold and love them on this earth. In some ways, it is even more of an honor. I want to be their constant. Their unwavering rock. Their home.

I want to thank the lovely customer who commissioned me to paint this art for her. I had so much fun re-working the journey… morphing from Love is Everywhere to Dynamic Universe. I feel honored that several additional souls wanted to join in on her particular painting. Do they represent anything special to her? Only she will know. I learned so much about trusting my creative instinct along the way. xoxo