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I love the Internet. It’s connected me with so many amazing souls who I never would have otherwise met… at least, I think. I wonder if Jorie and I would have crossed paths at some other point on our paths… I certainly hope so. Because she is an amazing person with so much love and joy to give and I’ve deeply enjoyed our on-line friendship.

Jorie found my artwork on day a while back, and we have struck up an easy and inspiring friendship over art, children’s books (she’s got one in the works right now, and it’s amazing!) and soul stuff. One day, she surprised me with a fun and amazingly accurate gift, a Michael chart reading by Lin. It came into my inbox and I was hooked instantly.

Love Is Everywhere, the painting that brought Jorie and I together!

Here is what Lin has to say about the work she does:

The Michael Chart helps you understand where your soul is on its journey. Just as you do as a living being, a soul grows from an infant to an elder; from inexperienced to wise. In order to gain experience, your soul chooses a set of traits and goals for each lifetime. You create experience or karma in the early stages and you pay it back in the later lifetimes. Every lifetime moves your soul closer to karmic balance and spiritual enlightenment.

To help us understand where we are on this karmic journey, an entity composed of 1,050 souls who call themselves collectively “Michael” has made itself available to you in order to help you understand where your soul is on its journey.

I have been given the gift of channeling the Michael Entity so that you may learn where your soul is on its journey. Please visit my site at www.linsdomain.com

Soul Dance, a painting about the interaction of our Earthly experience

with the souls who surround us, guide us, love us.

Jorie herself also does Numerology readings, and she gifted me a numerology reading as well.

I have to say that the numerology reading really blew me away the most… I just can’t grasp how numbers would provide any accurate *soul* information at all, and yet I can say without a doubt that her reading was dead on accurate… and continues to be, as she has told me what to expect this month, next year, the number energy of my house address, so many different things that she can instantly translate into a vibrational energy, and I’ll be damned if it isn’t totally accurate every single time!

Jorie has this to say about Numerology:

Hi, I’m Jorie! From the moment I was first introduced to the power of Numerology, I was hooked! I knew I had to learn everything I possibly could about this fascinating subject! The more I read, the more my jaw would drop; as I read pages and pages describing who I was down to the smallest of details!!!

Next thing I knew, I was laying in bed every night, calculating the life path’s of everyone’s birthdays that I could think of–I was truly obsessed!!! Time and time again, the numbers would prove themselves as they continually dished out the intricate characteristics of my friends and family members! I was so hooked that I began asking random strangers–from store clerks to waitresses for their birthdays. I loved seeing their faces light up as I enlightened them with this amazing knowledge…

Knowing your Numerology is like unlocking a door to all that you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going! It’s given me the comfort of knowing that our lives are not random by any means–we definitely come here with a “plan” and a goal… (The Michael Chart reveals that as well!)

Numerology reveals your life’s “blueprint”. Understanding who you are can be extremely helpful and healing. Each numerology chart reveals your life’s theme, your hidden desires, and your personality traits. The numbers enlighten us to our personal strengths and weaknesses, identify our possible challenges, and help us get to know ourselves on an in-depth level.

The insight you receive from a numerology reading can help you to discover, accept, and celebrate your truest self. The charts also include a “where you are now” component that sheds light on what the current year holds for you. Numerology’s accuracy is awe-inspiring…be prepared to say, “Wow!” 🙂 I look forward to sharing the wonderful world of numbers with you!!!

Dynamic Universe

Both Lin and Jorie were gracious enough to offer a free reading to one lucky reader. Two ways to examine your life and glean useful information in a private and fun format. The numerology chart reveals information on what your soul has chosen to experience in *this* particular life, while the Michael Chart focuses on things from a “soul perspective”, and includes life goals and obstacles as well as other tools to understand yourself on a soul level.

One lucky person will get a free Michael chart *and* a free Numerology reading from Lin and Jorie. Beyond that, I must say that the readings are very reasonably priced and I can’t think of a more fun or cool gift to give someone this holiday season!

Check out their website… past lives, angel cards, animal totems… tons of fascinating things… and tell a friend too! Just leave a comment below to be entered to win the free readings, and I’ll announce the winner on Friday. xoxo