Spring has officially ARRIVED!

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I am so excited to share with you today a gardening update! I’d love to hear about what your garden situation is and how it’s coming along… if spring has reached your part of the world yet… links to your pictures and blogs would be awesome and most welcome!!!

Spring has definitely sprung around Charleston, SC. Here is what it looks like in my back yard:



Lettuce coming up nicely… this is the Rocky Top Lettuce Blend from Baker Creek…




Little rows of carrots just peeking through… these are yellow carrots from Baker Creek…




Here are four planting hills with two different types of watermelon tucked inside…



And here are two garden beds with several types of cucumbers planted along a steel trellisall seeds from Baker Creek heirloom seed company.




Our nectarine trees, in full bloom! Lots of buzzing bees happily dancing around the pink flowers… our blueberry bushes did not do so well from the frosts this winter. They are still small and scarce blossoms… I think we are going to pinch the flowers off before they fruit this year so that the blueberry plants can put their energy into growing another year before bearing fruit.



The easiest thing to grow? Mint. The hardest thing to get rid of? Mint. Even though I have completely ripped out my old garden bed of mint, reworked the soil and removed it *all*… it has already grown back in full force. Word of advice… if you don’t want mint to take over your entire garden, grow it in containers and containers ONLY!!! But you know how when life gives you lemons you are supposed to make lemonade? Well, when life hands you mint… make daily mint tea.


Just a sprig of mint soaking in hot water and a bit of honey and you’ve got a lovely cup of tea… and it’s fun to already be harvesting something in my garden. Heck, it’s only mid-March!

All this week I’m going to be celebrating spring! Today, our garden! Wednesday, an explanation of how we compost with pictures to show you exactly what we do and how to do it yourself. Very very easy, and free, composting is the best way I know to ensure the success of my garden year after year after year. And on Friday… spring inside my home… open windows and a living room re-do.
Next week will be all about spring flying into my shop! A new spring eCourse unveiled on Monday, and fresh new additions to my shop the rest of the week. See you then! xoxo