Behind The Scenes: Painting A Motion Picture Soundtrack

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my art studio I recently had the honor of painting the cover of The Grounded motion picture soundtrack.

Today I’m taking you behind-the-scenes to show you the process of painting the front cover, and next week I’ll do take you through the painting of the back cover.


The music for the film is spectacular… it is an original score created by master composer Stuart Mitchell and preformed by the Czech Filmharmonic Orchestra.

Considering the music is one of the very best parts of the entire movie, it was quite an honor for my artwork to be considered for the cover.


Ready to see what Stuart and I came up with for the front of the soundtrack?

Here we go:

1. Decide on the layout. Sketch onto a canvas with pencil until happy with the layout and bold the desired lines in with ink:

sketching the soundtrack cover


2. Paint background color with several layers of brown, amber, purple, lavender, cobalt, yellow and orange to give the texture of earth.


close up of background


3. Fill in footprints and leaf with gesso to provide a light, bright base color:



4. Add several layers of color to the areas of gesso — lavender for the footprints and oranges & yellows for the leaf:



5. Add leaf detailing and footprint details:



6. Use violet accents to background to add depth to edge of footprints and leaf:

movie soundtrack CD cover


7. Send to composer for proofing, have the original canvas professionally Giclee scanned in an art shop, and get cracking on the back image!

final CD cover artwork


Click on the image to hear a sample of the gorgeous original score to the movie The Grounded!



This final image is a sample and may have some variations in font and tone before it goes to print… but there you have it!

I’ll keep you posted on the soundtrack release as it heads closer to its release date.


BUT… head over here right now to hear “A Reason To Hope” — directly from The Grounded motion picture soundtrack.


It will give you goosebumps. Listen right now and your spirit will soar!!!!


Just click the play button in the middle of the page, sit back, close your eyes, and gift your soul 10 minutes to fly in infinite freedom.


Share this post with your loved ones so that they can experience this beautiful uplifting music too… and come back next Monday to see the creation of the back cover!

xoxox, Laura