Warmer Weather = Stinkier Pits… Unless You Do This!

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Last week I presented a recent study that revealed:

If you avoid the sun, your mortality rate is actually higher than the mortality rate of a heavy smoker!


So instead of avoiding the sun, I encouraged you to get out there this spring and summer and enjoy the weather!

I also gave you some of my recommendations for keeping your skin safe while going outside under those damaging UV rays.

But when you are outside in that beautiful sunshine, it’s not just the UV exposure… it’s also the sweat!


For odor protection, I don’t recommend antiperspirant or deodorant…

and here’s why:



Our armpits are not only covered in fully absorptive skin just like the rest of our body, but absorption in this area is basically a direct line into our lymphatic system.

So let’s be aware that whatever we put on our pits not only enters our skin and our blood circulatory system, but also our lymphatic system.

With our breast tissue extending up into our arm pit (axillary) area and the lymphatic system highly active there as well, we want to make sure we don’t put ANYTHING carcinogenic or duct clogging anywhere near our pits.


Parabens are not something we want in our system.

Parabens are extremely inexpensive preservatives, with antimicrobial properties.

Because they are so cheap and so good at preventing molds and yeasts from growing, they are widely used in cosmetics, body care products, and most notably, in deodorants.

But parabens are shown to have hormonal activity… and are also found sequestered into breast tumors.

Parabens not only show estrogenic activity (mimicking estrogen and thus encouraging breast tumor growth) they also have anti-spermatogenic activity, interfering with the excretion of testosterone and disrupting the male reproductive system.

Particularly disturbing is the findings from a major study of parabens and children… showing that young children and pre-pubescent children have measurable quantities of parabens in their bodies as well.

I find the use of parabens in deodorant particularly horrifying (worse than in sunscreens even), because of exactly *where* we are smearing the product.


It is as if we are directly absorbing estrogenic chemicals into our skin, lymphatic system and breast tissue when we apply antiperspirants and deodorants to the armpit skin.


Antiperspirants have their own added horrors of aluminum… which we should definitely avoid…

…but many deodorants still use parabens as a preservative, even when they are not antiperspirants.


  • Antiperspirants work by clogging up your sweat glands with a physical block of aluminum or aluminum salt. This prevents sweating (and thus odor) by physically making it impossible for your pits to sweat.
  • This also makes it physically impossible for your pits to release toxins from your body through the sweat glands in your armpits… and to add insult to injury, you are not only preventing the release of toxins, but you are adding in two extra toxins (on top of the fake fragrances and countless other chemicals) — aluminum and parabens.
  • Not only are you loading aluminum and parabens into your armpit, not only are you blocking the excretion of said toxins, but you are also applying them to the one area that has direct access to your breast and lymphatic tissue, your armpit.
  • As a result, breast cancers and breast tumors are becoming saturated with concentrations of parabens.
  • Tumors are now being found to directly sequester and store these compounds that will directly promote quicker growth through its estrogenic properties.


Something is wrong here.


The problem with switching from an antiperspirant to a deodorant is that folks think they are being safer.

But with almost every single mainstream product on the market shelves containing parabens as a preservative, you are no safer from a breast cancer stand point.

For example, in a recent study examining random urine samples from a very large cross-section of the population, parabens were found in detectable quantities in 99.1% of the samples.



But you don’t have to resign to having smelly pits this summer.

And no need to ever buy an antiperspirant or a deodorant again!

No need to ever think twice about switching back to the toxic antiperspirant for those special occasions when you simply can’t stink!!!!

It’s over!

All you’ve got to do is take a deep breath… and wax your armpits!


That’s because the bacteria responsible for the odor thrives in the stubble in the hair follicle just under the skin.

So remove the hair at the hair bulb, and no more smell.


I was absolutely astounded at how removing hair at the roots completely took away any last trace of pit smell.

I have waxed for several years now and I can say for sure the discomfort gets exponentially less the more you do it… the first one did hurt but I was still able to do it completely on my own and in a very inexpensive and eco-friendly way.

And if I can do it, so can you.


I recommend this all natural Sugar Wax by Shea Moisture.

The fabric strips you use to pull off the wax/hair are all reusable — and it’s so easy.

  • Because it is a sugar solution it is water based (and so natural you could eat it!) all you do is rinse off the fabric strips in the sink afterwards (I let them soak for a few minutes while I rinse off in the shower) and then line ‘em up on the sink edge to dry.
  • Nothing to throw away, the sugar washes down the drain and the fabric strips are used and re-used indefinitely. I’ve used the same strips for months and they are as good as new… seriously.
  • The sugar solution comes in a container that you can re-use or recycle, so I really better about the environmental impact then I did when using disposable razors or even an electric razor.
  • Add to that the amazing stench reducing powers of waxing and also how beautiful… YES BEAUTIFUL!… my pit skin looks stubble free, and I’ll never go back.



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