Thank you to our nation’s heroes… past and present.

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Freedom, sweet freedom!


This memorial day, I want to thank everyone who has served or continues to serve in our military. We really owe everything we take for granted in our country to you. I love the land we live on, I love the freedom I have to care for my children and educate them and raise them the way that feels best to me, I love the food we grow here and the climate and the joy and the safety and community I feel all around me. I know I owe this all to the brave men and women who have helped create this nation and ensure it’s protection. Thank you, from my heart.

This year, it means more to me then ever. Having a brother in the Air Force, who I’ve seen go through some intense times… and the unconditional support of his lovely wife and son… it just takes my breath away to take that type of love, devotion, and service and multiply that times one million — knowing that there are well over one million men and women on active duty as I type this… it just takes my breath away.

On top of that, I’ve learned more about US history with my kids this year then I ever have (or at least more than I ever remembered from my own school days!) as we started with the Mayflower pilgrimage and have worked our way up through the Revolutionary War and the Civil War… again… what I feel when I read about all of the risks and sacrifices American families have made, and the tragedy that accompanied each event… all to create the independent and free country we love… it just makes my heart ache and expand and fill with gratitude.

Thank you again, to all of our heroes. Happy Memorial Day to you all!!!
Wednesday, I will be back to tell you about a new option I’ve added for my Health eCourses… and on Friday… my very favorite summertime recipe for the grill!!! See you back here then… xoxo, Laura