Giving The Gift Of Health: The 3 Best Ways

You CAN feel better!

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We all have loved ones in our lives that could use a health boost.


And more than anything, that’s what we want to give them as a gift.

A way to feel better.

The gift of more energy, happier days ahead, and better health.

But sometimes giving a healing tool is actually a tricky gift, because it is so personal.

Health, and especially health struggles, are so deeply emotional and so personal. (Like I talk about here, even just the experience of pain is hardwired to the emotional centers in our brain and can trigger all kinds of upsetting emotional reactions, and that is totally normal!)

And gifting a health care item can even be tricky when giving it to someone who has no health issues at all!

For example, maybe you have someone you’ve always wanted to introduce to grounding, but you are worried that they may resist a gift of a healing modality that is not-quite-yet mainstream.

Or maybe it’s someone who you know for a fact would love grounding, but a healing tool just seems too clinical to give as a gift.

Maybe it’s someone who could use a metabolic boost because they have a new year’s resolution to lose weight, but you don’t want them to feel like you think they are already perfect, just how they are (because we all know you can be truly healthy in a wide range of weight categories, right? If you don’t believe that yet, let me explain why here.)

Maybe you know someone who could use a good night’s sleep, but you don’t want them to feel like you think they are cranky or look tired if you give them a grounding sleep tool to help them sleep better.

Maybe you know someone who could use a mood boost, but you don’t want them to feel like you are suggesting they are depressed if you give them a light therapy box as a gift.


Don’t worry, there are ways to give healing tools to your loved ones that ensure they are the most thoughtful, meaningful, and even life-changing gift they could possibly get.


One they will look back on and be so incredibly grateful for.

One that offers a turning point in their life, in their health, and in how close and connected to you they feel.

Today I want to share with you three tried-and-true ways to support your loved ones in their healing journey in a positive, uplifting way that feels 100% loving and supportive.

To create a sweet softness when giving a gift of a health care item, it’s important to round out the healing tool with loving items that make it feel more like a care package, and less like a “here, you need help, use this” type of gift.

It’s truly as simple as this:




Idea #1:

Turn a healing tool from a solitary gift into a care package.


For example:

  • by adding a wellness tracker to any holistic healing tool, you create a fun way to make the healing part of the bigger picture of their ever-improving life as a whole
  • by adding a set of Daily Focus Healing Cards, you help inspire them every single day with new creative expressions of wellness, not just the one day they open the gift
  • if you want to introduce someone to grounding by, for example, give a grounding hot water bottle to keep them cozy all winter long… add some organic hot chocolate mix for a warm drink before bed, or bath salts for a warm soak in the bath, or some fresh new sheets to slip into with their grounding hot water bottle, and it will feel like a cozy makeover instead of just a healing tool
  • if you want to gift a water filtration system, for example, add a reusable water bottle and some trace mineral drops to your gift, and this way they can take their new and improved delicious and pure water anywhere they go!


As you can see, just adding an extra complimentary item or two changes the vibe from a directive (“do this to feel better”) into an incredibly thoughtful loving gift (“I love you and here is a care package to show how much I care!”)





Idea #2:

Turn a healing tool into a bonding experience by giving the gift of your time.


For example:

  • adding a movie and some popcorn to any grounding tool will instantly turn it into a fun movie night gift pack… and be sure to watch the movie with them!
  • if you want to gift a light therapy box, adding a bottle of holistic sunscreen and a cute beach towel along with the message that the light box is there to tide them over until summer time fun! Include a promise to go on a road trip together as soon as the weather is warmer!
  • if you want to gift a fun pack of healing temporary tattoos, add a delicious bottle of wine, champagne or apple cider with a coupon for a fun date together putting the tattoos on and sharing New Years resolutions and goals together.
  • if you want to give conductive socks or gloves, add some ultra-hydrating grounding lotion to keep their feet and hands hydrated along with a promise to go get manicures or pedicures together too!


As you can see, committing to spending time with your recipient in addition to the physical gift you are giving is another way to turn a healing tool into a bonding experience you will share! Giving the gift of time spent together is always win-win, for them and for you!




Idea #3:

Turn a healing tool into a customized gift that validates their unique personality.


For example:


  • for loved ones that would appreciate some comforting homey touches to their space, you can add a healing meditation chime, a candle and a small plant with a plant grounder (maybe a cute succulent, my fav!) and this will help cozy up and beautiful their whole space (especially perfect for folks who can’t be home over the holidays because they are in rehab or nursing facilities, recovering from surgery, newly moved or relocated, immobile and can not get out of bed, etc…)
  • if they are a creative sort, adding a hardcover inspirational journal and a special pen or bookmark to keep by their bedside, maybe even including a mug and their favorite tea, a prayer book or devotional, a dream journal, a set of art pens or another creative expressive medium, is a nice touch to turn a health care item into a way to show you understand and appreciate their entire personality and see more to them than an illness or disease to “fix”
  • for the workaholic, adding an inspirational, healing PostIt To-Do list note pad, a beautiful pen or paperweight to use at work, and a framed picture of the two of you together helps round out any healing tool gift… so they feel loved (and inspired to continue with their healing) even when they are away at work
  • for a loved one who travels often, a grounding and shielding travel eye mask (so they can nap on the go) makes a great gift alongside a box of uplifting notecards to stay in touch with, a personalized key chain, a tin of mints, and/or a healthy hand sanitizing travel cloth so they can stay healthy and germ-free while exploring the beautiful world that’s waiting for them!


As you can see, adding a few personalized items makes the recipient feel validated and seen on a deeper level, on a customized level, than simply giving a healing tool to them.


This holiday season, there is no better gift than one that lets the people you love feel better and better… a gift of health.

But making sure you round out the gift so that it feels like a care package full of love, instead of a solitary healing item that might trigger fear or repressed emotions associated with the disease or illness they are recovering from is really important.


A healing tool is an intimate, loving, thoughtful expression of support when you can add it in as part of a full care package, or if you can make the healing tool part of a bonding experience you do together, or if you can create a luxurious feel around the gift itself.

Your gift can absolutely be a turning point in your loved one’s health, when given with a sense of love, connection, validation and intimacy.

To your best holiday season yet…

xoxoxo, Laura