The Intuitive Energy Of Skin

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This is the third post in my series about our largest organ… our skin!

Today I take an intuitive approach to what our skin represents and give you two specific, personal examples from my own life…

… to show you how our skin manifests signs and symptoms and to help you interpret your own skin messages.

As a physician, skin is like magic to me.


In medicine, we see the miracle of skin repair all the time:

  • You can cut it during surgery, and it will grow back together within a week.
  • You can scrape it to take a biopsy, and it will re-establish an intact barrier within days.
  • You can puncture it with a needle, and it will fill back in to stop bleeding within a matter of minutes… sometimes seconds.
  • Skin is miraculously quick at creating new cells, removing old ones, repairing structural damage, and re-establishing blood flow.

In science, we have yet to be able to re-create anything half as magnificent as real skin, even in the most advanced laboratory on earth. Nothing can truly substitute for your skin. For this, we should be on our knees grateful to our skin.

This is completely aside from the physical appearance of our skin.

This is just that our skin allows our survival… it lovingly cares for us when we don’t even give our skin a second thought.

Or worse, when we obsess negatively about what it looks like.


Because our skin replicates so quickly, it is a wonderful mirror for what is going on with the rest of our body and mind.

  • If we are anemic, it shows us quickly.
  • If we are dehydrated, it shows us quickly.
  • If we are malnourished, our skin will lack that robust glow that healthy skin gives.
  • If we have been neglecting our selves in other ways, our skin will reveal us.
  • If we are unhappy, our skin literally sags.
  • If we have lost connection with joy, our skin tells it.
  • If we feel ugly, our skin mirrors that.


Because it covers our entire body, every thought we think and every word we say and every intention we ever have passes through our skin on its way to communicate with the outside world.

So it doesn’t just protect us from the world… quite the opposite is true too:

it translates our inner being to the surface.


It is constantly in contact with and intimate with our inner workings.

Because of this, skin reflects how we feel about ourselves.

Skin forms our barrier, our identity.

It forms what we perceive as *us* and delineates *us* from *the rest of the world*. Skin is our outer projection of our inner truths.

In short, skin is our boundary.


Recently, as most of you long-term readers know, I’ve gone through a completely unexpected life transition and have had to re-define my own boundaries both for myself and for my children.

It has been interesting to watch my skin respond to this breach in boundaries and re-establish a new energetic dynamic.


I want to share two specific and personal examples from my own life with you today so that you can have some concrete examples of exactly what I’m talking about.


navy blue chakra61. One recent skin manifestation took place the very day after my husband left and I was at a dear friend’s house with my children.


My friend looked at me and asked “What is going on with your forehead?”


I assumed that the stress of the situation was causing a bunch of pimples to break out or something, so I didn’t give it much thought.

But later that day, looking into a mirror, I saw what she saw: a raised circle ringing the middle of my forehead, right above the area of the third eye.


This raised ring was not a swelling of the skin, it wasn’t an allergic reaction, and it definitely wasn’t a row of pimples like I had originally thought (much to my relief, lol!)

It was a perfect circle, one which has continued to arise off and on over the past three months since it initially arose.


My daughter just noticed it the other day as well, after I came downstairs to make breakfast.

I had just awoken from a dream where wave after wave of deep indigo light pulsated and washed over me endlessly, hitting me right in my forehead and coming from a very very far distance to reach me.

This third eye-opening and the ring over my third eye has absolutely correlated to the deeper intuitions and knowings that I’ve begun to access during the trauma of this time period.

Through establishing a new energetic relationship with my intuition throughout this transition, I’ve experienced a ripening, an opening, a honing of my intuitive capabilities beyond what I thought was possible or ever expected.

And my skin is reflecting this for me so clearly even a friend could see it.



heart chakra2. Another, even more striking example of one of my skin manifestations occurred several weeks after the first example.

I was marveling at how the feeling of love in my life has actually seemed to INCREASE, rather than DECREASE, through this period of transition.

I wasn’t expecting that… I would have expected to feel lonely, insecure, and disconnected from love.


But quite the opposite has happened… I have a deeper faith in love than ever before and my heart is even more open to this experience… not just on the good days, but also on the bad days and all the days in between.


Feeling connected to love, I feel more grateful for its presence in my life than ever before, no matter what way love chooses to show its face to me each day.


While in this state of gratitude for our eternal, never-ending connection to love, I disrobed to step into the shower.


I caught a glimpse at a red splotch on the center of my chest, near my left breast.

Looking into the mirror I could see it was a perfect heart, situated right over my heart chakra.


I was truly in shock… this seemed too perfect to be real, and yet there it was, plain as day. It lasted for several hours and then left.


Now, normally skin messages are not quite that dramatic and that obvious. Skin can speak to us through the location of eczema patches, acne, dry tight skin, hives, changes in hair growth, pigmentation, wrinkles, stretch marks and more.

Skin can speak subtly through chronic messages that it whispers to you your entire life, or skin can scream loudly and angrily during acute transitions and times of crisis.

But no matter how your skin speaks to you, there is always a message to be appreciated.


Hearing that message and honoring what boundary issue is going on in your life, taking steps to shore up or relax your boundaries as need be, adjusting them to better support your inner spirit… often this supports your skin issue an a deeper level then any ointment, cream, lotion or cleanser will ever be able to.


Have a question about what’s going on with your skin?

Leave it for me in the comments below and I will let you know my thoughts and any suggestions that I have for you!

xoxoxo, Laura