The Fourth Leading Cause Of Death: Your Medicine Cabinet?

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I just returned from a medical conference where I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Ankur Patel, MD present on the risk of taking multiple medications.

I was shocked to hear :

  • that adverse drug interactions is the 4th leading cause of death in the United States, and someone dies from a drug interaction every 5 minutes in the United States alone.
  • that if you are on 5 or more Rx medications, your risk of an adverse drug reaction is 58%
  • that if you are on 7 or more Rx medications, your risk of an adverse drug reaction is 82%

I was so surprised to hear all of this that I immediately recorded a video for you over the lunch break of the first day of the conference right after I had heard his talk.

Please watch this video below — in it I share the five questions very simple, straight forward questions that Dr. Patel said you should be asking your own in person physician to see if your medications are truly needed.

It will very easily open up the dialog for your physician to considering de-prescribing any medications you take that may be unnecessary:


How To Speak With Your Physician About Stopping A Medication:



To grab a copy of Dr. Patel’s book Age Is Just A Number head over to amazon here:


Thank you Dr. Patel for sharing this important information with other physicians at the conference — yours was by far the best lecture of the entire event!

It seems in each conference I go to, there is one topic or presentation that impresses me so much I am inspired to create a video for you right in the middle of the conference.

Here are links to the past several topics I’ve made videos about, maybe one of them will make a difference to support your health or someone’s health that you love:

I hope any or all of them are helpful!

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