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On top of the past 25 years of medical research on grounding, a new study has been released showing just how beneficial grounding is to even the most vulnerable humans — preterm infants.


If babies born so early that they are not even meant to be outside of the womb, breathing or eating yet, can be supported by grounding…

…then you can understand that no matter what health challenge you face, no matter how dire, grounding can help.

These babies were all patients of the Penn State NICU — babies born so early that they needed to be monitored in an intensive care unit for survival.

NICU babies are in incubators that create high electrical fields in and around the incubator. These electrical fields affect the infants autonomic function and create stress, much like the constant onslaught of electrical fields in our modern society does on adults.

Previous studies have shown that adults who are grounded have immediately improved vagal tone and increased heart rate variability, both being a marker of improved health and decreased mortality rates.

Decreased heart rate variability is a well known predictor of mortality both in adults (as heart rate variability decreases it predicts higher death rates after heart transplant, heart attack, stroke) and in babies (decreased heart rate variability increases the rates of necrotizing enterocolitis and death.)

This study aimed to see if there was the same improvement in vagal tone and improvement in heart rate variability for preterm infants subjected to the incredible stress and electrical fields that immerse them in the incubators of the NICU.


The Study, published in Neonatology on Jun 10, 2017:

  • 20 NICU infants (at Penn State Medical Center) were grounded via a grounding patch connected to a grounded outlet.
  • Environmental magnetic flux density was measured in and around the infant’s incubators.
  • Skin voltage was measured before, during and after grounding.
  • Heart rate variability was measured before, during and after grounding.


During Grounding:

  • Skin voltage immediately dropped by 95%.
  • Heart rate variability improved by 67%.
  • Skin voltage and heart rate variability immediately returned to pre-grounding levels as soon as grounding was discontinued.


What does that mean?

  • It means that while they were grounded, they were protected from the electrical fields that surrounded them and their body started to relax and respond with a boost in health.
  • It means the infants who were grounded had improved vagal tone, lower stress levels, improved heart rate variability, and lowered risk of death.
  • And it means that the moment the infants were no longer grounded, their stress returned full force.



Just as I talk about in this video here

…if you are surrounded by electrical smog, it’s affecting your stress levels, your sleep, your heart, your life span.

And it’s absolutely imperative that you get grounded.


Sleeping grounded each night gives your body the chance to regain its precious health.

In today’s society there is no other more effective way to support your body’s innate health than to sleep cocooned in the protective embrace of Mother Earth every night.


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