The number one question I hear from patients…

You CAN feel better!

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What do you do when your kids want to sled in the middle of winter, but you live in SC? Well, you grab an old cardboard box and head to your nearest hill, of course! It’s not exactly like sledding in snow, but it is still a ton of fun… and no frostbite!


What is the number one question I hear from my patients (and friends and family too?)

It’s “How do you have all that energy?

I don’t have any extra energy. I didn’t get any more than you did. I’m not a particularly young parent (I didn’t have my kids until after I graduated from med school and finished my medical training…) but I do love to go and have fun with my kids and I don’t hold back.

This energy flow that I’ve got going? It can be yours. It *is* yours, because it comes from the same stream of life that your connection comes from. It’s called Well Being and it is our natural birthright.

We are living beings that channel energy into our bodies continuously… it is this energy stream that animates our body and creates life.

It is very easy to see this… easiest of all to see this when looking at a person who has passed on… shed their earthly body and no longer channeling energy into it… it becomes extremely obvious that it isn’t the body in and of itself that gives us life — it is the soul that illuminates the body… creating the *appearance* that these earth suits we are wearing are alive.

It’s not our bodies we rely on to give us energy. It’s our souls.

It’s that *we* are life itself.

Your soul is pure positive energy. I have an energy stream and you have an energy stream and we all enjoy living life connected to this stream every single day.

When your energy feels low it is due to resistance. It could be a physical resistance keeping your body from feeling it’s best (a nutritional deficiency, a hidden environmental allergy, low-level inflammation, chronic infections) or it is a resistance on a soul level.

More accurately, even if you have a physical resistance in your body, it is manifesting because of your resistance on a soul level. To heal the body, let’s invigorate the soul.

If you can drop your resistance, if you can stop swimming against the current of where life wants to take you and instead pick up your feet and let the current take you where it is you need to go… then you can feel the full force and power of your life stream. You can feel it’s power and its never-ending strength, and you can enjoy the ride. Your body responds by feeling it’s best and resolving health issues as the energetic dynamic behind these issues shifts.

If you are feeling tired… if you are feeling uninspired… if you are feeling out of sorts or stuck in a rut or like you are stuck in survival mode instead of in thrive mode… I have a new program that I’m very excited to reveal to you!

I am opening up a new course… and it’s all about accessing your innate energy flow. It’s all about trying less and feeling it more. It’s all about getting excited to drop your resistance and reconnect with Well Being. It’s my answer to all the questions I get about how I get so much done and how I have so much energy.

Want to join me? I am going to have limited space in this new program, so if you’d like to have first dibs on a spot in the course, email me at and I will unveil the course to you first before opening it up publicly.

The program will be a one month experience that supports you in finding your energy flow on many levels. From a fun online creativity class to weekly live group phone coaching to inspirational emails finding their way into your inbox all month long, this is a fun dynamic program that will have you accessing your flow and releasing your resistance.

Ready? I’m in the final stages of pulling it all together and will be unleashing it soon, so email me to reserve your spot and stay tuned for all the details! xoxo, Laura