The One Big Health Secret I Learned In Medical School

You CAN feel better!

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As I talked about in the beginning of this video I shared with you two weeks ago, I went to medical school hoping to be taught the secret that would allow me to make, and keep, people healthy.


In fact, what I found out is that physicians really don’t know how to keep people healthy, and that we what we do know is confined not to health but to disease… to what can go wrong in the human body that makes us sick.

And to be honest, worse than that is that out of all the things that can go wrong in the body, we honestly don’t understand most of those either, or how to diagnose or fix it.

In fact, in the end, what I learned about how to diagnose and treat and fix what goes wrong in the human body is probably less than 10% of all health conditions, and that the reality is no one really knows what is going wrong 90% of the time, nor how to help.




But underneath of that scary reality, what I began to realize on my own was that the reverse was also true:

Because we don’t know how to fix most things, we also can’t take credit for the natural and continued health that has been the basis of our human existence for the past 200,000+ years.


I started to understand for the first time that our body naturally self heals.


The more I realized we can’t fix most things, the more shocked (and then impressed) I became with how naturally corrective the human body is.

And then I realized something even more profound…

That every time, in the slim arsenal of tools a physician has, that a doctor has ever helped anyone get better — they really haven’t at all. It’s actually been your body, using the healing modality offered by the physician, that has healed its self.


Here’s what I mean:



If you have a cut, there are no amount of stitches that a doctor can sew into you that will heal the wound without your body healing itself.

The stitches hold the wound together, but it is your body that makes the first tenuous connective tissue threads that bond the tissue back together. It is your vasculature that re-establishes blood flow through the tissue. It is your skin that ultimately mends back into one intact barrier of protection once again.



If you have a broken bone, there are no amount of pins or steel rods that heal your bone. And no thickness of cast on the outside is what fuses the broken pieces back together on the inside.

Doctors rely on your bones to mend themselves. They may use pins, plates, brackets or rods to hold them in place, but the bones are still broken until your bones heal together on their own.



If you have an infection, doctors 100% rely on your own immune system to clear it up — yes even when you are taking an antibiotic — it’s not the antibiotic that’s clearing the infection, it’s your own immune system. Without your own immune system, doctors could hook up IV’s with every powerful antibiotic known to mankind and pour them all into you, but nothing would clear it away.

Unfortunately I saw it myself many times while working in the ICU… patients with fully compromised immune systems, hooked up to powerful antibiotics, antibiotics that *should* have been able to work… antibiotics that were specifically tailored to that particular infection… but nothing helped because their own immune systems were not working.

There is just no antibiotic that can fully clear an infection without help from your own immune system.

The antibiotic slows the bacteria from replicating, but that’s only to give your own body the time to clear up the infection itself. Doctors rely on your immune system to beat an infection, on your body to clean up the inflammation and pus, on your body to rebuild new cells, on your body to recover.

Every time you have had an infection and taken an antibiotic… don’t you dare give the antibiotic credit. YOU HAVE HEALED YOURSELF. The antibiotic has given you time. The antibiotic has put the bacteria at a disadvantage. But your body has done the healing.





So you can go back, and make an endless list of all the injuries you’ve had in your life, and you can remind yourself that *you* have healed *yourself* every SINGLE time.

Each of us healed from an infinitely long list of damage and injury to our own body.

Small things: stubbed toe; poison ivy; paper cut; colds; a fever; allergies; a twisted ankle; a burn from your curling iron; a finger smashed by the hammer when you were hanging a picture on the wall.

Large things: pneumonia; cancer; whiplash; broken bones.

And those are just the things you know about!

Think about how many germs you’ve come across that have contacted and even entered your body, that you have healed yourself from without conscious knowledge, before you’ve developed a single symptom or illness.

Think about all the micro-injuries that have happened… micro- tears in your muscles every time you exercise… microscopic abrasions on your skin that have self healed just from activities of daily living… hell, did you know that even brushing your teeth causes micro- trauma to your oral mucosa, and sends hundreds of bacteria into your bloodstream, every single time? That even taking out a tampon actually causes micro-tears internally, inside of you?

It’s true.




Every minute of every day your body is doing its job… it is literally a healing machine.

A perfect gorgeous living work of art — that’s what you are — an organism that renews itself every single day.

A million times that you haven’t even been aware, your body has healed and returned itself to a healthy equilibrium before you have even been aware of the injury — or the infection — that entered your body but was cleared before you ever had a single sign that something was wrong.


So you know, no matter what it is you face right now with your health, this is what you do.


This is natural for you.

Of course you can (and should) accept any medical help that feels right to you… surgeries, medicines, vitamins, supplements, physical therapy, dietary changes, etc… but just know, that whatever healing tools you do use will work in harmony with your natural flow of well-being.

Because ultimately, you are self-healing.

Your body is meant for this!!!! It’s perfectly designed!

It’s what it does best.

Every single cell in your body is working at this very moment to restore a state of health and equilibrium that feels best to it.

That is its full time job.




So the big secret, after I went through med school, internship, and private practice?


It’s that our body is self healing.


That everything any health care practitioner has ever offered you was to augment and support your own natural healing mechanism.

No medical intervention, no herbal concoction, no prescription, no surgery, no spinal adjustment, no acupuncture treatment, no vitamin can or has every healed you without your body healing itself in concert with the support of your health care practitioner.

Every drug and even every vitamin is just one factor in the mix that tips the scales toward helping you heal. It might help by boosting your immune system. It might help by decreasing blood flow to an area of inflammation. Or by slowing the replication of infectious organisms. Or by surgically removing a lump or tumor.

But NO surgery, NO pill, NO vitamin, NO cream or lotion is the thing that is actually healing you.


It is creating the best possible environment to allow healing,

while your own body heals itself.


That is an incredible shift in mind frame, one not ever touched upon a single time in all of my medical training, but yet the fact remains:


You heal yourself.

It’s as simple, and as profound, as that.



xoxox, Laura

P.S.: A Healing Mantra I Created For You

As you read this mantra, allow the knowing of your own ability to heal yourself wash over you.

It might help if you print it out and post it somewhere you’ll see it every day.

Because if you repeat this mantra out loud every day, you’ll soon be able to connect more and more easily with this inner knowing, until it becomes a wondrous and true part of your core beliefs.



I am always drawing health through me, even without trying.

Health flows naturally to me.


My cells, tissues and organ systems are repairing themselves right now,

without my even needing to know or understand it.

I trust in the process.


I know I do not have to be fully healed in this particular moment

to understand that my body is healing itself…

the process is ongoing, and is happening in this very moment.


The act of healing is always active,

ever flowing through me from head to toe.