The Pentagon Already Knows That EMFs Are Impacting Brain Function… Here’s Why

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Adding to the most recent blog post I wrote for you on the harmful health effects of man-made EMF exposures, a new article published in Forbes last week shows that even the United States Department of Defense is taking EMF radiation and it’s effects on the human body seriously.


Especially the effects that man-made EMFs have on the human brain.


If you have teens, family members, co-workers, friends or other loved ones that scoff at you when you mention how cellphone radiation and other man-made EMF radiation sources are affecting your ability to think… this is the blog post to share with them.

If they don’t listen to your kind and helpful suggestion that EMF exposures are something to be aware of and protect against, maybe they will take the Pentagon seriously.

The Pentagon is examining the disturbing possibility that high levels of EMF radiation in the cockpit may be affecting the mental judgment of pilots so much that it could be causing them to crash their aircrafts.




The issue is so pressing — with a published report revealing that spatial disorientation causing 72 aircraft crashes in the US Air Force in the past 20 years (1993 – 2013) resulting in 101 deaths and a total monetary cost of 2.32 billion dollars — that the Pentagon has launched a new study looking into the impact of EMFs on the pilots ability to stay focused, to make clear and precise decisions, and to remain spatially oriented while in the cockpit while being subjected to extremely high EMF levels.

The new study is called: Impact of Cockpit Electro-Magnetics on Aircrew Neurology (ICEMAN), and I will absolutely keep you posted about and and all results from this study as they are revealed.

Phase 1 of this study will identify and measure the EMF exposures of pilots in the cockpit, and Phase 2 of the study will assess mitigation strategies (basically — shielding the pilots from the cockpit EMFs to see if shielding is effective at improving pilots ability to think more clearly, stay focused and accurate, and ultimately prevent mistakes and fatalities.)

If you want to read through the ICEMAN study outline yourself, click over here and enter the term “ICEMAN” into the search bar.




What does this mean for the rest of us?


Well first of all, it tells you that even though your friends and family, and maybe even your own physician may not be aware of the harmful effects on human health that man-made radiation exerts, at least you know that the mental confusion, brain fog, headaches and irritability you experience when using a cell phone, spending time on your computer, surrounded by WiFi in urban environments, near cell phone towers and smart meters and more… is not all in your head.

In fact, we’ve known since 2011 that electrical signaling in the brain is what gives us the ability to maintain focused attention.

This is one of the reasons the government is looking into EMF exposures as an explanation for what is distracting the Air Force pilots and contributing to spatial disorientation and death.

The Pentagon reveals that recent research they have conducted showed that “human brains sense magnetic fields, and that this process is “jammed” (i.e., disrupted) by radio waves (RF), impacting brainwaves and behavior.”

So yep, any electrical signal that exherts an impact on normal brain function could considerably impact attention span — one reason why folks with autism, ADHD, ADD or other neurodevelopment disorders may have a sharp decline in functioning when subjected to man-made EMF fields, and why so many then improve functionality when screen time is limited, when shielding clothing is worn, when EMF sources (like gaming systems and cell phones) are removed from the bedroom and all other radiation sources (like routers in the home) are turned off at night.



The second thing this tells us is that even the government is aware of the necessity to come up with shielding solutions to protect the human brain from EMF exposures.

Those of us who are electrosensitive have already been aware of how drained and foggy we feel after prolonged exposures to man-made EMF radiation, and feel first hand that removing any sources of radiation that can be removed and shielding from the sources that can’t be removed can make an enormous world of difference.

An impressive medical study, published in 2017 in Immunologic Research, followed 64 patients with autoimmune diseases (such as lupus and multiple sclerosis) while they slept shielded with a silver fabric sleep cap (like this one) over their heads, for a total of 8 hours of shielding in a 24 hour period.

The results?


90% of the patients responded with a significant decrease in their autoimmune disease symptoms after shielding, which is a strikingly dramatic reduction.




You don’t have to be sick in order to shield your entire body and protect your long term health.


For tons of additional ways to decrease your current artificial man-made EMF exposures, for tons more ways to shield against exposures you can’t decrease, and — just as important — for ways to increase your exposure to healing, natural earth EMF fields through grounding, hop over here to read an article I wrote for you.

It’s my lastest, most up-to-date blog post on radiation, covering the effects of EMFs (including 5G) on the human body and ways to mitigate those man-made RF exposures, while increasing exposures to healthy, natural, supportive earth frequencies:


Shielding: Your Ultimate At Home Guide

+ How To Diagnose Electrohypersensitivity With Your Physician

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As important as it is to protect against man-made EMF exposures, it’s just as important to help reorient your brain — and get your body into it’s natural healing state — by deliberately infusing your body with the earth’s natural electromagnetic energy fields.

This healing practice supports the health and function of every single cell in your entire body, by getting it back into resonance with healthy, healing, natural electrical fields. Helping to mitigate the detrimental effects of man-made, artificial electrical fields.


This is done through grounding… simply touching the earth.


For a great, quick, 20 minute overview on the benefits of grounding to decrease and offset the problematic issues that man-made EMFs are causing, watch this recent interview I gave to Carico International:






To join into the Book Club I mention in this interview — hop over here — the book club starts on October 1st.

I can’t think of anything more important or timely to do right now than to make grounding a part of your daily self care routine.

And this book club, which takes only a few minutes a day and can be accessed any time and any where right through the book club app, quickly will help you turn grounding into a habit that will become automatic.

Protecting your health now and for the rest of your life.





So the next time you feel a headache come on after working on your laptop, or you feel your memory slip and you have trouble recalling your words as you talk on your cell phone, or you feel your brain go into a fog as you drive through an urban setting…


…just remember, it’s not in your head.


If brain fog and confusion from EMFs can cause highly trained Air Force pilots to crash billions of dollars worth of aircrafts, its certainly worth waking up to how EMFs in our daily lives may be impacting our workplace productivity, the impact it may be having on car accidents, and the negative impact it may be having on our human to human relationships, as we disengage from our loved ones and surrender to EMF induced brain fog.

If you are feeling confused, tired, groggy, foggy, dizzy, or have headaches after spending time in urban environments, at work, after using your cell phone or computer, go outside and get grounded. Step away from the electronics and re-infuse your body from head to toe with the soothing, centering, natural pulse from the earth. It’s there to ground you and recharge you.


You may also want to consider carrying a very discrete, simple to use, 5G ready EMF detection meter that can instantly reveal to you how much RF exposures you are under any time, any where.

It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (and tuck away in your purse or pocket for use on the go) and is specifically designed for people with Electrohypersenstivity (EHS) so that any time, any where you can know their exposures in an instant. Provides reliable detection of RF between 200 MHz and 8 GHz.

Checking your exposures as you travel, as you sit in a restaurant, as you hang out in your living room or bedroom, in your office or work space means that you can catch high EMF areas and moving away from them *before* you feel that headache, that dizziness, or that muscle tension creep in. Here is the one I like most.





Offered to you with much much love, tons of hope for the continued education and discovery of the effects of man-made radiation exposures on the human body, along with excitement over the many wonderful solutions we are actively creating.

And of course, I’ll keep you posted on all of these studies, and all of these solutions, right here on my newsletter.

Thank you for joining me.

xoxoxox, Laura