The Vitamin Combo That’s Saving Lives

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Sepsis is an overwhelming infection of the body which triggers widespread inflammation that carries a very high death rate.


Sepisis is one of the leading causes of hospital deaths, even when treated with the most advanced intravenous antibiotics and life support.

Yet a recent study (published in June 2017) has shown that a simple vitamin cocktail can reduce the rate of death in sepsis from a 40% death rate down to a 9% death rate!

Dropping deaths to less than 1/4th the original death rate, just from adding on a simple vitamin + steroid combo. This is big news. Life saving news.


Sepsis is a very alarming and expensive emergency condition — the overwhelming infection and inflammation can quickly lead to blood clots, organ failure and death.

Treating sepsis is hard and often fails, with up to half of patients dying despite immediate antibiotics, fluids and monitoring for organ failure.

As you can imagine, this type of intervention is expensive, costing the United States alone about $24 billion dollars a year to treat which still resulting in up to a 40 – 60% death rate.


So the news that adding a few vitamins and a steroid into the treatment plan can save the lives of an additional 3/4ths of patients, with only a negligible increase in cost, is astounding news.

This shocking and amazing result has researchers all over the world testing out this vitamin cocktail in many other, inflammatory related acute conditions.



What is this incredible concoction?

Vitamin C

Vit B1



…and that’s it! This simple combo has the potential to save billions of dollars and millions of lives, with very little downside, very little risk.


Vitamin C and B1 both have an incredible safety profile, and both are easily available for at home use.

  • Vitamin C helps lower inflammation, decrease oxidative stress and stabilize blood pressure, and help stabilize blood flow to tissues, which is possibly what is helping to prevent organ failure.
  • Vitamin B1 has been previously shown to help reduce kidney failure in septic patients, and is essential for proper mitochondrial function.


It may take a while for the conventional medical paradigm to go as far as to try replacing the traditional steroid with an all natural supplement, so for now, I’m excited that they are willing to further test the Vit C, B1, and hydrocortisone combo at all!



In fact, I truly hope they expand their treatment trials to see if this combination can help in other acute and chronic overwhelming infections that are hard to treat…

…like meningitis, candida, shingles, Lyme, even HIV.


And the steroid is something that I feel we can even improve upon at home, because steroids themselves actually lower our immune response short term and long term have yucky side effects like thinner bones, increased risk of infections, weight gain, mood disorders, muscle weakness and even cataracts.

In a life and death situation, steroids make sense. But although they are great at decreasing inflammation (the reason they were added to this vitamin cocktail) they do not treat the root cause and they have nasty side effects.



So for at home use, there are some fantastic holistic substitutes for steroids that you can add to make your own anti-inflammatory, healing combo at home.


My favorite two supplements that can substitute in for the Rx steroid are serrapeptase and turmeric.

  • Serrapetase is a fantastic enzyme that our body uses to fight inflammation, decrease excessive mucous production and even reverse scar tissue formation.
  • Turmeric is probably one of the worlds best and most studied anti-inflammatory supplements, the active ingredient (curcumin) has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that are so powerful, it helps prevent and treat arthritis, dementia, and even some cancers! Turmeric has been shown to be effective even in deadly, treatment resistant cancers such as melanoma and advanced prostate cancer. So it definitely makes sense to me to add this in to a vitamin cocktail aimed at helping save lives under difficult conditions!


My suggestion for helping to fight inflammation at home is: Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Serrapeptase and Curcumin.


1. Vitamin C (buffered Vit C is best!)


My fav is Buffered Vitamin C by Integrative Theraputics.




2. Vitamin B1 (aka thiamine!)


My fav is Thiamine by Seeking Health.



3. Serrapeptase (enteric coated is best!)


My fav is Enteric Coated Serrapeptase by Source Naturals.



4. Turmeric (curcumin + bioperin is best!)


My fav is Curcumin 500 + Bioperin by Pure Encapsulations.



… and I have every single one of these supplements available to you in my online dispensary right here, at a discount just because you are a reader of mine!

I’ve put them all in my online catalog under the “anti-inflammatory” category.



On top of this vitamin combo, simply touching the earth, through the healing practice of grounding, decreases whole body inflammation and brings CRP levels down naturally.

This powerful, natural effect is the mechanism of action behind the earth’s ability to elevate mood, boost energy, deepen sleep and brighten health.



Know the feeling of spending a morning in your garden or an afternoon walking along the beach and how calm, centered, and supported you feel?


Grounding your body is at work here, decreasing your whole body inflammation, decreasing the stress hormones (like cortisol) in your bloodstream and decreasing your C-reactive protein levels as it completely naturally reduces inflammation in your body… no drugs necessary!


Click over here to read through a huge list of medical studies

on the power of grounding to reduce inflammation.


There’s no better way to naturally prevent inflammation in the first place than through the powerful healing practice of grounding.

You can even ground indoors through the use of high quality grounding tools like these.

I would consider grounding as preventive care for thwarting many of our inflammatory related illnesses…

…and adding on this potent vitamin cocktail for treatment of minor or chronic inflammatory conditions that have already been evaluated by a physician.

And of course, seek immediate medical care for acute or worsening conditions.


Please share this potentially life saving vitamin combo recipe with anyone you know who is battling conditions that involve acute or chronic inflammation, and consider going outside today (and every day!) to touch the earth to help prevent them in the first place.


To our natural healing ability!
xoxoxo, Laura