There are always two ways to think…

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This Think Differently” altered text page was so much fun for me to create. I took my old medical school anatomy lab textbook and spent the day marking up the pages with paint and inks. In the following weeks I’ll share with you several others I created… but they all make the same point: life isn’t linear and we don’t need to pretend that it is!

There really are two ways to look at everything… unfortunately we only learn about the surface facts in medical school. We are tested on the labels and names of each part of the brain and what biological functions they control. As if our brains only function as a linear machine… input A = output B.

But as I found out in the years since medical school, after I abandoned linear thinking and labeling and started really meeting my patients and really seeing them for the vast and expansive and complex and living and dynamic and miraculous souls that they really are… well, those anatomy diagrams just seem a little empty and incomplete.

We know that our thoughts and actions aren’t linear but multidimensional and filled with intuitive thoughts, the power of choice, and able to process subtle nuances that are unseen to the naked eye.

So I made it my mission to transform those lonely anatomy textbook pages into something fun and full of life.


I mean, there are literally two ways to use your brain…

  • One way is to be very concrete, linear, and label everything so that you reduce it down to a two dimensional boring fact that you memorize and store. Collapse possibility. Reduce potential and emotion and possibility and LOVE to a computation.
  • The second way, and by far the more interesting way, to use your brain is to create, expand, go deeper. Using open ended inquiry, connecting the dots between the facts, opening our eyes to seeing the deeper meanings and the interconnections between everything that happens in our lives… and using this power of insight to stand in awe and gratitude at how magnificent it is just to be alive.


Well, that’s the way I want to think and so I created this work of art to remind me.

For the next two weeks, my blog is going to be an amazing resource for ULTIMATE BRAIN HEALTH!!!!

I’m going to talk about what foods feed your brain, what thoughts and activities keep your brain younger longer, ways to reduce your risk of developing Alzheimers, and more!!!!! Are you excited?

So let’s get the party started on Monday!!!!

Have a great weekend and I will see you here in just a few days…


xoxo, Laura