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The most special girl in the world, the most special girl in *my* world anyway… is now a young woman. She takes my breath away with how effortlessly she welcomed womanhood and menstruation into her life… she is healthy and radiant and I am the most lucky mama in the entire UNIVERSE to travel this road with her… watching her fly.

We were heading out the door to spend a warm November day on the beach when she found out. Welcoming her transition with the calmly lapping waves and under the warm blessed sun just felt so right.

Oh I love this girl so much!

I am so glad that she welcomed her period with joy. Knowing that she is soooo healthy and so strong and so vibrant and so radiant… she saw her period as something to celebrate, and we are. As I type this, her brother and her daddy are in the kitchen baking her a cake!

I thought I’d take this moment to remind all of us women to celebrate and honor the power we hold in our bodies as we menstruate and even after menstruation ends. Here is a small snippet from my Female Health eBook that I wanted to share with you, in honor of my lovely daughter and our celebration!

“Your period is a time to shine.

Periods are a time of renewing our strength and releasing.

If you allow it to be, your period is a time of re-birth. Self re-birth. You can choose to re-invent yourself each month… as your uterine lining sheds away and renews, so does your soul have an opportunity for re-invention.

You choose where you go from here. Are you re-inventing a whole new you, or are you simple letting the baggage and barriers and walls you have built around yourself fall away, revealing your inner beauty? Either way, your period is a time for releasing and renewal. It’s the perfect time to step into your own beauty, and embrace it.

That is why it is the perfect time to pamper yourself.

The perfect time to take that long bubble bath that I take, or to give yourself a facial or deep hair conditioning treatment. It’s the perfect time to go without make up, let your skin breathe, while you slip into your softest jammies and go to bed super early, or stay up super late. Its the perfect time to feed your body the foods *you* like best, not what you usually make because your kids prefer it our your spouse does.

You period is a time that you should focus on YOU. Do not let one more period slip by where you do not focus on yourself and claim YOUR POWER.

As women, we are naturally givers. After all, we give life, don’t we? Many of us spend our entire lives giving birth and then serving those we give birth too. And while that is my highest honor, giving my life for my children, as women we tend to let this spill into all other areas of our lives as well.

What started out as caring for our children becomes caring for our spouses, parents, friends, co-workers, strangers, our home, our community, and our earth. Each and every one of these things is a strength, as we are natural peace keepers, negotiators, innovators, and creators. Yet, what is the one thing that always takes a back seat to all of this manifestational goodness? Ourselves. That is why we have so many symptoms arise with our periods. To tap on our shoulder and remind us to take time to give back to ourselves.

If we do not honor this time of menstruation as a way to re-focus on who we are and what we want, our desires can quickly and easily become lost in our efforts to support and please others. Our periods are a way we can re-ground to ourselves… check in and see if we are enjoying what we are doing and what we are giving. It is a time to recharge, re-evaluate, and release what is not working.

I challenge you to harness the power of this for every single menstrual cycle you have for the rest of your life, and for every single full moon you greet even after your periods end. This is what is natural for us, this is what renews us, this is what keeps the energy flowing.

I strongly feel that most women in our culture do not naturally honor themselves and take times to regroup during their period. By the time they reach perimenopause and menopause, most women are spent. Most begin to experience burn out, their adrenal glands burn out and their metabolism slows to a halt and their inspiration dries up.

If you take time to recharge, greet the rising energy and let all else fall away… if you take time to re-affirm your inner beauty… and if you continue to link your inner power and cyclical nature to the changing cycles of the moon throughout menopause and beyond, you will not suffer a loss of energy or a loss of power or a loss of creativity or a loss of metabolism after your menses end. Nope. You are only just beginning, flowing your power up and out to the universe as a whole instead of funneled downwards.

Because periods occur on a natural monthly rhythm, long ago people realized that periods come once a month, just like a full moon.

Some folks still call periods “Moontimes.”

The moon never looks exactly the same, night after night after night. It can vary anywhere from being a full on bright light, illuminating the entire sky, radiating so brightly that farmers can actually harvest their crops under the light of the full moon… to being completely absent… dark, inward, remote. And all the phases in-between.

If the moon can change and show many different sides of itself, why can’t we?

We can.

We only need to allow it.

Allowing the rhythms, the down times, the creative times… periods can be a time of renewing our strength and releasing.


When you are feeling tired or needing downtime, or craving certain foods, or full of energy, or irritable, wanting space, wanting connection, empowered… whatever ways your period expresses itself in you… just remember, there are many faces of the moon.
If you can honor your power… let it rise, swell, release and renew, you honor what it is to be the ultimate creator of life.

I highly recommend celebrating every single period that comes into your life. From the very first period to the very last. And beyond, even when the periods no longer leave your body and you hold your ultimate wisdom inside… just celebrate the many faces of you.

Let’s find one way to welcome beauty into your life this next period or full moon. I love the idea of choosing a moon symbol to remind you to give back to yourself during these times.

I enjoy wearing a moon necklace that I have created for myself to adorn my body every time my period starts. It just reminds me of my inner power.

Other ideas include:

– painting crescent moons on your finger or toenails at the beginning of your period (and this is a great way for a girl to celebrate getting her “first moon” as well!)

– having a bonfire under the light of the moon

– sleeping with your blinds/shade open, to welcome in the light of the moon as you dream

– wearing special pajamas that are midnight blue, cobalt blue, or silver… something shimmery and sensual and magical and reminds you of your inner beauty

– saving or purchasing a special outfit to wear during your period, something that makes you feel amazing

– a special scarf to drape around your neck during your period

– a special necklace to wear, especially one that features images of full moons or goddesses

– writing poetry or hopes and dreams and plans for the future in a special journal

– sending notes or calling and connecting to all the important females in your life

– taking a monthly bubble bath with candlelight and special bath salts

– purchase a special bottle of an exotic or luxurious favorite scent, to adorn yourself with during your week of menstruation

– wear silver glitter or deep blue colors in your make up, dust your body with silver body shimmer, or wear a special hair accessory that you save to use only during your menses

– hang a beautiful painting or print of the full moon in your boudoir or powder room to remind you that you are BEAUTIFUL for being a woman and you are healthy and strong and pure power in physical form.”

What do you like to do to honor the female divine within YOU?

xoxo, Laura