Thoughts on Health… Chronic Pain

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Thanks for the wonderful feedback on the video I posted last week. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

In that video, I presented the idea that disease is evidence of health. I used acute illnesses (like runny noses) and physical symptoms (like a tumor) to illustrate how physically expressing a disease allows movement towards health.

I got several emails afterwards asking how chronic pain would play into that. So this video is really like part 2 — Disease as Evidence of Health… Chronic conditions. In it, I talk about what the energy of chronic pain represents to me and also give some personal examples, from my own life, as how chronic pain can be a blessing and help keep us aligned with health. Sounds like an oxymoron… chronic pain aligning us with health? Give my video a listen and hear me out.

This video isn’t perfect, just like the first one… listening to it now I wish I had said things I didn’t say and re-worded other things… but in life I’ve found I just need to dive right in and go for it, even when it’s not perfect. So forgive me when I take a minute to get a thought out or when I use a word in the wrong context (in this video I say “clung” twice in the wrong tense and it is totally irritating me!)

I hope you’ll find this video helpful nonetheless. And please be sure to pass it along to any loved ones who you feel might benefit from viewing chronic disease through this lens. Medicine is still so full of conventional and linear thinking, I want to reach out and help folks who just wouldn’t otherwise get these types of positive, supportive, energetic messages from their own personal physicians. I want folks who are suffering from conditions to know absolutely that there is more to it then what has been documented from a double blind placebo study, and it is worth talking about.

And thanks for trying out my new video format, it’s been such a good learning experience for me to figure out how to create a video and share it with you here! Welcome to the 21st century, I know! About time, right! xoxo

The next video I do will be much shorter and much lighter. I want to mix it up a bit and will create the next video when inspiration strikes!

I plan to put a video up every two weeks or so… and stick with written blog posts for the rest of the time. For new readers, my blog follows a pattern of new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Mondays, I do something health related… a Thoughts On Health or a breaking health issue, and usually from a medical intuition perspective. On Wednesdays I share something I’m creating in the studio, or something new to my shop. And Fridays offer a peek into my personal world… often something the kids and I are up to on our homeschooling adventures, pictures from inside our house, gardening updates, or some type of tutorial. Often, a recipe or a gardening tip. This is a general outline but I do vary it of course!

This Wed I am sharing some of my absolute favorite childrens books… those books that you never hear much about but were the ones we turned to again and again with our own kids. I was cleaning out my book shelf and came across some treasures! I’d love to hear what books you treasure, too!

On Friday I have a kickin’ tutorial for you gardeners… so check back later on in the week and I’ll join you here! xoxo