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Hi my friends.

Remember this video in which I discuss why symptoms and health challenges represent healing?

I deeply believe this and had an opportunity to really practice what I preach recently, and I want to share that with you today.


For years and years I’ve struggled with my left tonsil getting chronically infected.

Knowing that this was caused by an energy block in my throat chakra, I was excited to see what I could do to facilitate healing. I knew in my heart that when I healed this wound, I would be open and more free and healthier than ever before.

So right away, instead of feeling sicker because of these chronic infections, I knew this instead was a gateway to greater health.

The problem was, what was the best way to allow health to flow to me? Being a physician I can tell you that doctors make the *worst* patients. I never ever like the idea of surgery because of course I’ve seen so many worst case scenarios through my training.

My ENT surgeon recommended a tonsillectomy and I went rigid… I just *knew* I couldn’t go there, at least not yet.

I felt anxious and nervous whenever I thought of having my tonsils out, not to mention a bit guilty because as an energy healer, I felt like I should be able to heal this on my own.

So I put the thought of surgery firmly out of my mind and reached for health in many other ways… grounding to the earth, speaking my truth whenever it felt *right*, and living (for the most part) in gratitude. I believe these things all kept me healthy and kept this chronic problem localized, instead of turning into something worse, so I know at the time looking back that having those years of energy healing was exactly what I needed.

And then one day, just about a month ago, spontaneously I had a realization. I want this tonsil out. Not the right one, because I wanted to keep this area of immuno-defense as intact as possible and keep my tonsil present. But the left one had a growing sensation over the past several years of having pressure behind it that finally reached a point where it drove me crazy on a daily basis. I never got fevers, never to antibiotics, but something in me changed. I woke up one day and the thought of surgery didn’t scare me at all… it filled me with relief.

It filled me with the feeling of freedom and of expansion and I just felt it was the next logical step. I was so excited… I talked to my ENT surgeon and he agreed to take out only the left tonsil and leave the right one it. Best of both worlds for me, and I felt happy and free. And I was soooo glad that I didn’t *force* myself to get surgery when I was apprehensive about it… I would have rushed into it with negative emotions and I would have also likely had both taken out. I just worked with feeling my way through to health… feeling what felt like a relief… feeling what felt right.

When energy work felt right, that is what I did. When finding a fresh compromise and getting only one tonsil out filled my heart with joy, I signed right up. And I was not even nervous about it! I was downright excited. The morning of, I did feel nervous but I knew in my heart I just wanted it done. When I woke up from anesthesia, I was laughing and giddy with joy.

The surgeon walked in and told me that he found a medium-sized abscess behind my tonsil that there was no way would have gone away on its own. I rejoiced in following my heart. I firmly believe that once my body realized the abscess was walling off and not going anywhere, it sent me the signal that the time was right to get my tonsil out, and it sent me the inspiration to only take the one side out, which is an unusual request.

The next day (which is today, as I type this) I have been feeling the pain of recovery. It doesn’t feel too great. Yet I still feel this pain and I am sooo excited to feel it because I know it is the off-gassing of negative energy that had been trapped in this throat chakra. As I feel the pain flow through my tissues I am full of the deep inner satisfaction that I feel light, I feel free, I feel healed.

I feel that my body has just made room for what awaits me. I feel that my journey through this world just took a step in a very healthy direction. And I took it by listening to what felt like a relief.

I’ve been feeling like this all day:


But Mother Earth has been working her magic on me and after 30 minutes sessions of this, I feel better and better:



I am so glad that when I follow my heartsong, I find my way to health.

I wrote about this a bit in my Health Connections Reset course, which launches again in January. Read this snippet below and drop all judgments on what you *should* or *shouldn’t* be doing to heal. Whether you find your Well Being through conventional or non-conventional pathways makes no difference. I’m so glad I didn’t make *rules* for myself in saying I needed to force myself into surgery before I was ready, just as I am glad that when conventional surgery felt like the right thing to do, I didn’t resist it and feel that I must only heal myself through energy work.

I want to be sure that we start this course with you *knowing*… truly knowing, that it is you doing all the healing in your life, not any medical intervention. Not the herbal concoction. Not the prescription, not the surgery, not even the adjustment or the acupuncture or the vitamin.

Although all of these things can be amazing venues through which healing can occur, it is ALWAYS you, by accepting that particular modality, who aligns back with health and allows the healing to begin.

For example, we all know that antibiotics help clear an infection, and can save lives if the infection is a severe one that has become life threatening. How it works is this: the medicine holds the infection at bay while YOUR BODY does the actual healing. Your body is the one that clears the infection, excretes and eliminates the toxins, heals the cells and replaces old or dead tissue with fresh tissue.

While it is *simple* information that many (and probably even most) of us know… it is really important to remember and remind ourselves of this time and again. Most patients that I saw in clinical practice, most patients that doctors see in general, hold the mis-belief that it is the antibiotic or the surgery that is curing them. They want the drug or the referral or the surgery or the vitamin or the lotion. They believe it is the key to regain a connection to health.

Nope. It is always you.

The SELF is the only thing that can heal you… in fact, it’s the only thing that ever HAS healed you.

Every drug and even every vitamin is just one factor in the mix that tips the scales towards helping you heal. It might help by boosting your immune system. It might help by decreasing blood flow to an area of inflammation. Or by slowing the replication of infectious organisms. Or by surgically removing a lump or tumor. But NO surgery, NO pill, NO vitamin, NO cream or lotion is the thing that is actually healing you. It is creating the best possible environment to allow healing, while YOU YOURSELF HEAL YOURSELF.

You are the one allowing the health and healing to flow. You are the master of the switch. You conduct the energy.

*You* are the one making new, healthy cells to replace the diseased ones. You are the one re-establishing the natural equilibrium in your own body. No pill can make new healthy cells. No vitamin can create fresh tissue where there was previously dis-ease. No chiropractic adjustment can sustain health without you aligning with a complete acceptance, and a new found identification, with health.

Without your body healing itself, no amount of medicine can make you better. Without your body healing itself, no surgery can fix you. Without your body healing it’s self, no vitamin can sustain you. If your body is not healing itself, nothing can.

If you have a tumor, a surgeon can remove it, and you can go on chemotherapy… and that is wonderful, as it clears out as much diseased cells as possible… but it is you, always you, who has the power to fully heal from the disease. You are the one who grows healthy cells to replace the diseased cells. Your body is the one that recovers it’s own equilibrium. Your body is what re-aligns with joy and abundance and health. The medicine does it’s part… but it does not sit around in your body and re-align each cell with the vibration of healing. No. It might kill a dis-eased cell… it might help fortify your body in one way or another, but then it is excreted or used and it is no longer. You are left with your own abilities to invite health in. You are the one who clears the old dis-eased cells away and rebuilds your body anew.

If you have an infection, but you have no immune system, there is no antibiotic on earth that can save you. Doctors could hook up twenty simultaneous IV’s with liquid antibiotics pouring into you, but nothing will help. Eventually, the infection will take over. This happens again and again… unfortunately I saw it myself while working in the ICU… patients with fully compromised immune systems, hooked up to powerful antibiotics, antibiotics that *should* have been able to work… antibiotics that were specifically tailored to that particular infection… but nothing helped. There is just no antibiotic that can fully clear an infection without help from your own immune system. Doctors rely on YOUR body to clean up the infection. On YOUR body to rebuild new cells. On YOUR body to recover.

If you have a cut, there are no amount of stitches that a doctor can sew into you that will heal the wound without YOUR body healing it. The stitches might hold the wound together, but it is *your* body that makes the first tenuous connective tissue threads that bond the tissue back together. It is your vasculature that re-establishes blood flow through the tissue. It is your skin that is made new.

If you have a broken bone, there are no amount of pins or steel rods that heal your bone. No thickness of cast can re-fuse the broken pieces back together. Doctors rely on YOUR bones to mend themselves. They may use pins, plates, brackets or rods to fuse them together, but the bones are still broken unless your bones heal together.

This is so important.

It makes YOU the boss.

It gives YOU the power.

It makes medicines and surgeries and supplements YOUR CHOICE.

You are the ultimate healer here. Whether you find healing in this body, or whether you find ultimate healing in leaving this body, you will always always restore yourself to well being.


And it gives you confidence in your self.

Because you can go back, and make an endless list of all the injuries you’ve had in your life, and you can remind yourself that *you* have healed *yourself* every time.

Each of us, has healed *ourselves* from an infinitely long list of damage and injury to our own body. Small things… stubbed toes. Poison Ivy. Paper cuts. Colds. A fever. Allergies. A twisted ankle. A burn from your curling iron. A finger smashed by the hammer when you were nailing up a painting. Large things… pneumonia. Cancer. Whiplash. Broken bones. You know you have, can and do heal yourself on a daily basis. It is a *truth*, and you can hold this truth and turn it into a *knowing* about yourself.

Every time you have ever taken a pill for a headache, to relieve a fever, to sooth heartburn. You have taken that pill to re-align with the hope of health and healing, and you have done just that. You have allowed your body to re-align with health, and it worked.

You heal yourself every single day.

And those are just the things you know about! Think about how many germs you’ve come across that have contacted and even entered your body, that you have healed yourself from without conscious knowledge.

Think about all the micro-injuries that have happened… micro-tears in your muscles from exercising… mini abrasions on your skin that have healed… did you know that even brushing your teeth causes micro-trauma to your oral mucosa, and sends hundreds of bacteria into your bloodstream, every single time?

Every minute of every day your body is doing it’s job… it is literally a healing machine… a perfect gorgeous art form of health and healing, that renews itself every single day. With or without a medical intervention.

You don’t need to know how. You just need to *allow* the healing to occur.

Every stubbed toe, you have healed. Every paper cut, your body has healed. Every cold or infection, your body has healed its self. A million times that you haven’t even been aware, your body has healed and returned itself to a healthy equilibrium before you have even been aware of the injury. Or the infection that entered your body but was cleared before you ever had a single symptom.

Every time you have had an infection and taken an antibiotic… don’t you dare give the antibiotic credit. YOU HAVE HEALED YOURSELF. The antibiotic has given you time. The antibiotic has put the bacteria at a disadvantage. But you have done the healing.

So you know, no matter what it is you face, this is what you do.

This is natural for you.

You can (and should) accept any help that *feels right to you*… in the form of surgeries, medicines, vitamins, supplements… whatever feels right will work in HARMONY with your natural flow of well-being.

If you are contemplating an intervention… starting a new medication, a chiropractic adjustment, a herb, a vitamin, a surgical procedure, chemotherapy, etc… just find out what information you can about it… how it can help and why it may not, side effects, risks… and then sit. Feel yourself taking that step… see what emotions wash over you as you contemplate it.

If it feels like a relief… if it feels like a hope… if it feels good… then you know you are aligning on a deep level with health and healing through that particular modality, and go with that. If you feel anxious and shattered and depressed at the thought of that modality, then your soul is not aligning with healing in this way, at this time.

There are no right or wrong decisions… there is only making a choice… and then aligning your energy with that choice, so that healing must flow to you through that venue.

Only you know what steps bring relief to you. As long as you can align with joy, you can align with health, through any modality. If you can not align with health, if your flow of well-being stops, there is no surgery, no pill, nothing that restores that. Only you.

Your body is meant for this.

It’s what it does best.

Every single cell in your body is working at this very moment to restore a state of health and equilibrium that feels best to it.

That’s it’s full-time job.

Armed with this information, trusting in your own body on its deepest level, and seeing medications and surgeries and supplements as the *supporting staff* only… helpful, but not what truly heals you… this framework gives you the most accurate, and the most powerful, stance from which to allow healing to flow.


Open to every possibility and holding the knowledge that every symptom and every intuition leads us exactly where we need to go is how we reach Well Being fastest.

If you have some health issues you are working on, and you’d like to end 2012 off releasing the old *rules* you have placed on your body and open to health freedom, come join me! Find out more here.

xoxo, Laura