Thoughts On Health: My Aura, Your Aura, Our Aura… it’s a colorful world out there!!!!

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I had the great fortune of having my aura photographed recently, and I loved the experience so much I wanted to share it with you here. If you live anywhere in the Charleston area, I’ve got the perfect activity for you to check out.

A very dear friend of mine took me to see Chris Terzagian, of Beaming Love. Chris can photograph your aura and give you the run down on what the colors represent, the strength of your aura, and a printout of all the different components captured in your aura at that particular time.


It’s a really fun thing to do because it is interactive… you can bring a personal item or two and literally see how it affects your aura — you watch the change right in front of your eyes on the computer screen.

And it’s not that every movement makes the color change, and you can see it’s not a randomly timed change. You can literally see the colors enhance and morph as you think about different things (or more accurately, *feel* different feelings,) as you smell different smells, hold different objects and invite different things into your energy space and awareness.

My aura looked like this:




The left side of my body had a green color — heart open energy coming in…

The right side of my body had a yellow color — joy energy coming out…

The arch above me had bright blue… meaning I’m striving on speaking my truth and becoming clairvoyant.

This is 100% accurate for me, as I have always *known* that my most powerful and open chakra is my heart, and I have a gift for healing (which is perfect for my occupation as a physician) AND I’ve always felt that what I transform with the energy I take in is a feeling of joy… this joy gift is what I give my family when I’m loving on them… I give it to my husband and my kids… I strive to infuse my patients with the soul knowing that all is well and everything is unfolding for a purpose and I enjoy doing it.

Even the speech my father gave at my wedding was all about how I have brought *joy* into my parent’s lives. That is the word he used over and over again and it was really touching to me.

And the blue arch… so accurate as right now I am healing old wounds/doubts about speaking my truth… you might remember that I recently had throat surgery and an abscess removed from my throat only 2 months ago, and as I heal from that surgery I literally feel like a new woman.


The very first thing I decided, after I woke up from that surgery, was to begin to do my consultations over the phone instead of (or in addition to, as the patient prefers) email consultations, because for the first time in my life I had a true *urge* to speak my internal knowings and intuitions out loud.

From that time on, I’ve become more comfortable speaking out loud the inner knowings that I get as I connect to my patient’s soul. In the past, I have toned down or censored some of the information that comes to me because it was too big of a leap of faith… sometimes random stuff just comes (I smell cornbread? Keep that to myself. I see an animal totem? Table that… only talk about the medically relevant information coming through.)

As I open fully to my intuitive gifts I find I feel lighter and lighter. And seeing it in action is just beautiful.

We each have an aura… mine isn’t any more beautiful than anyone elses… it is just my three colors for now, and no doubt they will change over time as my goals and my path evolves.

Your colors are gorgeous too! And they are shimmering around you right now, whether you photograph them or not!


So I asked Chris why she got into aura photography and what she loves most about what she does, and she shared this:


“Your aura is like your house, your physical house, the one with a roof and four walls. 🙂 Our home protects us and keeps us safe. We like to keep a clean house and surround ourselves with things that we like. Things that smell good, feel good, look good, taste good and sound good. It is the same with our aura. Our aura surrounds our body to keep us safe and protect us; like our house.

Depending on what we bring into our aura determines our aura’s level of strength. In this life, it is so very important to be mindful of our smells, sights, sounds, feelings and tastes. Being conscious of what we put in our surroundings is the first step to keeping a clean aura.

I am of the thought process we are what we think. Having stress in our lives decreases our immune system therefore creates an avenue for dis-ease. Less stress more ease. More stress more dis-ease.

Through aura photography, aura interpretation, and Reiki. I am helping people find a path to their balance; their joy; and their true selves. We are the masters of our personal universe and we can create the life we want!”


Chris gives private aura readings (complete with a mini Reiki session) from her home studio and at the Sacred Soul Center in West Ashley. You can book appointments directly through Chris on her FB page here, or on-line at the Sacred Soul Center here.


Oh! Want to know the best part of the aura reading? I could see orbs popping in and out around me constantly throughout the reading… just my soul posse sayin’ hi on-screen… you just can’t beat that. Want to see your soul posse too? Sign up for your own aura session and tell Chris I said hi!

xoxo, Laura