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I’ve had three different peeps, both patients and friends, ask me about getting rid of UTIs in the past week alone!

So, I’m gonna take that as an awesome sign from the universe that it would make a good “Thoughts On Health” topic to share with my blog readers right here!

Okay, so you have a bit of urgency or discomfort when you urinate… or maybe some pain, or some feeling of things not being *right*… you are thinking UTI.

Here are some easy and fabulous steps you can do routinely to not only prevent a UTI, but to nip it right at the start when you feel one coming on:


1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Being well hydrated means your urine is not as concentrated and is less likely to become infected.

On top of that, being well hydrated means you’ll make more urine and urinate more frequently, flushing your bladder and urethra more often and keeping the flow fresh and clean.


2. Always urinate fully… take that extra minute at the end of peeing, when you think you are done, and use a little extra abdominal pressure to get any residual urine volume out.

This is really important, as folks who tend to get UTIs very often tend to not fully empty their bladder… and that old residual urine that stays in your body longer then it should is the seeding ground for that bacterial overgrowth.


3. Always urinate after intercourse. As soon as possible afterwards, get up and pee. This naturally flushes any bacteria and fluids out of your urethra.

Intercourse absolutely ups your chances of getting a UTI, so drinking a glass of water prior to intimacy not only helps with lubrication, but it will give you something to pee out afterward.

Win win!


4. At the first sign of symptoms, take D-Mannose. D-Mannose is a simple naturally occurring sugar that attaches to the bacteria and allows it to naturally flush out with your urine, instead of building up inside your urinary tract.

About 90% of all UTT’s can be cured by taking D-Mannose. You just take 900 mg three times a day until all symptoms have cleared is an easy, 100% natural, safe and effective way to turn your beginning UTI around.


Of course if you feel your UTI progress, if there is frank bleeding in your urine, if you have a fever, or for any other reason you are uncomfortable… seek out your physician and get your urine tested. In the event that your infection progresses, you’ll want an antibiotic on board. Kidney infections are no fun, and can be dangerous.


There are other things folks like to help with UTI’s as well, including drinking cranberry juice and taking Vitamin C. Avoiding artificial scents and soaps when washing. Taking showers instead of baths.

But the above four tips are my favorite four ways to address UTIs. What do you like to do? What’s your favorite way to support your urinary system?

xoxo, Laura

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