Thoughts On Health… Seriousness Is A Disease

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I am very excited to present this video to you today.  This is a feeling I’ve had rumbling around in my heart for a while now… this feeling that seriousness is akin to a disease state.  Certainly there is a time and a place for seriousness… reacting seriously to some life situations can be life saving, as you become focused, clear-headed, and intent on a goal.

The problem with being serious only arises when we live in this reactionary state.

What was meant to be a short time response to intense, and even life-threatening, situations has a tendency to become a habitual mindframe. When we *enter into* situations in serious mode, each moment becomes serious.  Serious is no longer a life saving skill but rather a stressful and joy-depleting way of living life.

I’ve done the research into this and found that living life in a serious, focused, stressful mindset leads to physical changes in our body.  Our bodies age more quickly, show signs of degenerative changes and wear and tear throughout our organism.  In this next series of four videos, I’d like to take you through some examples of what is happening to our body energetically when we live in serious mode, and how that translates on a physical level into disease.

Today I am going to start at the top… with our brains.  Stress contributes to neurodegenerative changes in our brain, and in this video, I explain how.

Share this video with your loved ones, and come back every Monday for the next three Mondays (except for the 4th of July, when we will be too busy partying!!!!  Hurray for releasing stress!!!!) and I will highlight a different organ system for you each week.

And along with the idea that seriousness is a disease, and with a nudge from these hot, lazy, hazy days of summer, I have decided to scale back just slightly on my blog for the month of July.  I will still post Thoughts On Health each Monday, but will take the rest of the week off to spend with family and work on my next secret project.  I’ll reveal that project as it gets closer to its release!

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Have a fantastic July and I will see you here each Monday for the low-down on exactly why I believe Seriousness IS A Disease.  And I’ll be back in full swing with my usual three posts a week starting back in August!  xoxo, Laura