The one health constant you can trust… and bonus: are you are getting enough barefoot time?

You CAN feel better!

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Every single day you hear conflicting health information and conflicting health advice.

One moment one food is safe to eat, the next moment it is not. Or a supplement that was highly recommended is now under fire for being unsafe. What your accupunturist advises is different from what your chiropractor recommends.

Is the FDA reliable? Are the organic foods you purchase GMO? Is that medication the right one for you? In the right dose?

Directly touching the earth… sometimes it’s the one and only thing I can turn to in my day.

Imaging studies and blood tests and common sense and ancient wisdom all agree… the earth is ever there for you, ever supporting you, ever washing away the inflammation from your day and the damage done to your body, ever renewing you and ever ready.

Some days within 1 second of touching the earth I can feel the relief washing over me.

My headache soaks down into the ground or my shoulder tension melts away or my nausea vanishes or whatever stress I am holding onto leaves.

There is nothing that the earth can’t hold.

From the tallest skyscraper to the smallest blade of grass. From your joyful dancing under the sun to your secrets whispered into the ground to your tears soaking in under the nighttime sky.


You don’t need permission from the government and you don’t need to know the latest medical news and you don’t need to read the scary headlines and you don’t need to double-check the label and you don’t need a pharmacy to hand it to you and you don’t need a doctor to recommend it… although I’m doing just that!

The one thing you can always turn to is the earth.

The one thing that reaches every organ system and every cell in your body is the earth.

The one thing in our entire universe that supports life and exists to allow life to blossom all over it’s entire being is our earth.

When you are out of contact with the earth your body feels the build up of inflammation and free radical damage and feels stressed and out of sorts.

When you come back in contact with the earth your body feels relief that is so intense it can be addicting!



Are you trapped in shoes?

Here is a simple video I did that will encourage you to kick those shoes off and have you freeing your feet.

If you live in an area where the earth is hard to access… or if you have an illness or condition and you’d like access to the earth’s soothing energy flow for more hours in a day then you can spend outside, check out grounding products that help bring the grounding of the earth directly into your home.

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xoxo, Laura


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