Thoughts On Health… Tribute to a friend

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Last weekend, someone I love very dearly passed away. The kind of someone who you know you had a soul contract with… someone who comes into your life and forever alters the path you walk.

She was someone who I know I will have a lifetime with again one day… someone who came into my life at the exact perfect time and who opened my eyes to life in a way I had never been able to grasp before.

Ever since she transitioned on, I can feel her. Closer than ever, I hold tightly to her presence in my life.

It reminded me of a Thoughts On Health topic I blogged about months ago… about death. I would like to share it again here, in honor of my dear friend and mentor.

I’m still listening to your music, Ro!

Love forever, Laura

Music and Our Souls

I was having a great conversation with my children over the weekend, and I had a wonderful thought.

We were talking about how amazing and wonderful music is. And how much it lifts us throughout our day… singing a song while we wash our hands, humming a tune while we take a walk around the block, listening to our favorite CD’s to break up a long drive.

It’s such a miracle to me, that someone was able to capture music and put it on a CD, for us to replay. I don’t have the foggiest idea how this happens. How something as expansive and vibrational as music can be imprinted on a tangible object like a CD. To me, music is energy… a vibrational wave in the air that we interpret through our eardrums. Sound waves fill our universe, weaving their way through the atmosphere and into our minds, where the energy soothes us, revives us, lifts us, or calms us. How can this be captured on a flat surface? How can this be imprinted, in all it’s complexity, on a tangible object that I can toss into my CD player?

I know there is an answer, a science behind it, but that’s not where the magic lays for me. The magic is in this analogy: I had a sudden inspiration that our souls are like music, and our bodies are the CD. Our souls are these expansive, never-ending, limitless, unfathomable, amazing energy forms that we can’t see, filling the air and our earth and the heavens. Our souls are pure music, and have the ability to uplift our bodies, creating life out of a tangible solid object.

Our cells, our organs, even our minds cease to function unless the energy of our living soul is imprinted on the body. Somehow, the vastness and limitlessness of our soul is imprinted into our body, our cells… breathing life into our very form. How does this happen? How can the soul be captured, maintained, living, functioning within our physical bodies?

It is unbelievably amazing to me.

And when we die, I like to think it is just like the playing of a CD… the music is released, filling the air with our energy, our soul. If my body is imprinted with my soul, at the moment of my death the music plays, the fullness of my soul’s song can be released… music fills the air and expands to fill the limitless space. My soul lifts off my physical form, filling the air and releasing me back to the fullness of myself in vibrational form.

How are our souls imprinted on our bodies? What makes them stay there? What makes them release? What does the music of my soul sound like? What music will I hear as I return completely to my pure positive energy form? I don’t know. I spend my days pausing, “being”, taking a moment to listen to my heartsong. And to witness my children’s heartsong.

In the moments of being… I can sometimes here my soul’s song. That’s when I need to paint, or write a poem, or even blog. Those moments remind me that what I really am, more than being Laura-in-a-body, is music in physical form.

A CD, I guess… that’s what we are. Waiting for our souls to sing again. I imagine the death-release to be quite magical, really. And that’s an analogy I like. xoxo