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Moving On”

There is a special kind of sweetness that comes when someone you love has passed away but you know they are re-joining their soulmate who awaits them.

This has happened to me twice in the past six months… I’ve felt a very definite *relief* and deep joy mixed into the sadness and mucky human emotions that death brings up. It’s as though I can feel the joy that this person has in being once again hand-in-hand with the spouse that they missed so much.

I get a feeling that they are not looking back as much as folks who pass on and are the first to go. In those cases I get a very definite feeling of peace and happiness, but the feeling that they are still very much invested in and connected to those they have left behind on earth lingers.

When it is the second death, and they are together again with the love-of-their-life… I can literally hear the laughter and feel them moving on. Of course they are both eternally connected and available to us here on earth… but the joy is so complete and so solid they are walking forward together, and looking back less.

Because this has been on my mind a lot in the past few months, I wanted to paint a picture of this unusual type of joy… capturing this reunion and the transformation it brings.

Of course this whimsical painting can in no way truly express the fullness of being that our loved ones experience as they move on… but I’ll never be able to captures something like that with a blob of paint and a paintbrush, so this is going to have to satisfy me until it is my turn to move along with my beloved husband.

And I don’t think I’m gonna be painting a picture of it when it’s my turn… just sayin’…

So here it is… “Moving On“… reaching new horizons together in a way that you just can’t do when you are seperated from your soulmate in physical form… one of you still in a body (an Earth Suit) and one of you not…

Here is to moving on together, always flowing downstream in this magical lovely world we live in… and beyond.

xoxo, Laura

PS — a few of you emailed me privately asking for a Giclee print version of “Returning Home” and I am happy to say they are now available, here!