Tips To Help Anyone Who Is Electrosensitive (EHS) Feel Better

You CAN feel better!

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Have you ever tried grounding and actually felt worse instead of better?


You are not alone, it happens all the time and it’s probably because you are electrohypersensitive (EHS).

To me simply means you are so in touch with your own body, you can literally feel what so many people can’t: that you are a fully conductive organism and can feel your own conductive body interacting with the electrical activity of the environment around you.

I think it’s a good thing to be that in touch with your own body.


I get so many questions on why grounding feels so good for most people, yet so bad for others (the electrohypersensitive) that that I decided to make a video for you on it today:




So here is the good news. If you begin shielding, you truly can alleviate many of the symptoms that have been flaring for you because of the EMF exposures you are bombarded with all day long.


There was an impressive medical study, published in 2017 in Immunologic Research, that followed 64 patients with autoimmune diseases (such as lupus and multiple sclerosis) while they slept shielded with a silver based sleep cap over their heads, for a total of 8 hours of shielding in a 24 hour period.

The results?

90% of the patients responded with a significant decrease in their disease symptoms.


While the current medical literature estimates that only 3% of the population is electrohypersensitive, this study suggests that there are many many more of us that are actually affected by RF exposures (and potentially have our symptoms exacerbated by these exposures) than that. This study suggests that up to 90% of patients might feel a noticeable and measurable amount of relief by shielding their central nervous system from EMF exposures.

While this medical study was somewhat small and needs follow up studies to confirm, what I take from this is further confirmation that whether we label ourselves EHS or not, we are all electrical, conductive human beings that are absolutely impacted by the radiation around us.

To sleep shielded like these study participants did is simple — you place a shielding night cap on your head and then slip a shielding eye mask over your eyes, leaving your nose and mouth fully able to breath easily while blocking out the vast majority of RF frequencies from reaching your brain.

Ahhh… you can feel the relief almost immediately.

If you’ve never been to a remote enough location to feel what your brain feels like with the eSmog lifted from it, you are in for a treat.

I have them for you in a kit, together right here.





Nighttime hours should be restorative hours, so sleeping shielded can make the biggest impact, even when you can’t decrease your daytime exposures.

Even just using a simple shielding throw will protect all of your vital organs for hour after hour all night long, and the one I have hand crafted for you (which is organic, of course!) is such a small lightweight blanket that you can use it year round, even in the warmer summer months… and it’s so travel friendly you can even bring it to your office, in the car, onto an airplane to use no matter where life takes you each day.

I’ve pulled together a EHS introductory kit that combines this shielding throw with the shielding night cap and shielding eye mask that I talk about in the medical study above — alongside a router cover to reduce the radiation from your router throughout your living space and a bedside shield to place your cell phone behind as well.

This combination of personal shielding and home shielding tools will allow you to dramatically reduce your radiation exposures and hopefully make a significant boost to your health. The EHS introductory kit is available right here.



Free resources for the EHS patient:


There is a huge movement of physicians who are becoming aware and clear on how the non-stop onslaught of EMF exposures are affecting the physiology of the human body.

Many physicians feel that autoimmune disorders, inflammatory disorders of all kinds, insomnia, nausea, chronic fatigue, pain, dizziness, headache, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, anxiety, depression and psychiatric disorders are all on the rise secondary to around-the-clock saturation of our bodies with radiation.

Myself included.

If you are struggling with your electrohypersensitivity and want to address this with your own physician, I’ve pulled together a ton of free resources for you right here that you can print out and take in to your next health care appointment. I’ve got these all in one place for you here, for free, and given from my heart to yours, in order to help your health and healing journey. I hope it makes a difference.

So here are 7 things you can do before your next doctor’s appointment:



1. Print out this medical guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of electrosensitivity to hand to your doctor:


Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) has been recognized as a diagnosable disorder since 2012 in Austria, where they have very specific guidelines for diagnosis and treatment.

This may be a helpful guideline to print out and hand to your physician, just click the link below:


Austrian Medical Association Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treating EHS





2. Fill out this electrosensitivity questionnaire and bring it to your next appointment:


You can pre-fill out the exact same questionnaire that is used for the evaluation of EHS by the Austrian Medical Association and bring this with you to your next appointment to share with your physician.

Just click the link below to print out and take it for yourself:


EHS Intake Questionnaire




3. Consider taking a EMF vacation to help rule out other causes:


You never want to ignore other, more easily treatable sources of illness and disease. Doing a non-EHS full work up for any symptoms you are having is always appropriate.

But similar to an elimination diet to figure out what foods are causing gut inflammation, you can consider an EMF vacation to see what symptoms resolve in the absence of persistent EMF exposures.

Camping in a remote location with no electronics for several days to weeks whenever possible, grounding your body to the earth in this natural setting to help expedite recovery, and then seeing what symptoms return when normal living arrangements are resumed can help really clarify what is EMF related and what is not.





4. Ground the human body to help increase resiliency, but only with the PureGround cord for all indoor grounding applications:



Grounding the body is a natural healing state for all living things to be in, but for those with EHS you want to be sure you are not introducing any AC current or dirty electrical currents into the body via your ground cord.

Be sure all grounding tools are grounded with a PureGround filtering and shielding cord to preserve the purest ground connection possible without resonance to manmade EMF fields in the area while grounded.




5. Ask your doctor for a laboratory evaluation of EMF mediated inflammatory markers:


These markers can include blood levels of high-sensitivity C reactive protein (hs-CRP), immunoglobulin E (IgE), histamine.

Salivary melatonin levels and salivary cortisol levels can also be tested.

Print out this article to give to your physician for them to consider these markers and others when evaluating patients with possible electrohypersensitivity… just click the link below:

Reliable Biomarkers Identifying EHS





6. Decrease EMF Exposures On Your Own:



You don’t need a physician to formally diagnose you with EHS before reducing your exposures and symptoms.

Click over here for a printable checklist with 25 easy things to do to reduce your EMF exposures as a starting point. You can go further with this by hiring a building biologist to evaluate your home if desired.


At the very least, start with these 5 steps:


  1. Turn your cell phone onto airplane mode whenever not in use, when charging, and while sleeping at night. Don’t bring your phone into your bedroom but if you must, put it on airplane mode and place it behind a Bedside Shield. Never hold cell phone up to the head, use speakerphone or text instead. Carry your cell phone in a shielding case when you need to carry it on your person, in a pocket, in your purse, in a bookbag, etc…
  2. Remove cordless phones from your home and change to a corded phone, as well as remove any LED or CFL light bulbs in favor of traditional incandescent bulbs.
  3. Cover your wifi router with a router guard to decrease radiation throughout your entire home while in use during the day, and turn off the wifi all together when not in use at night.
  4. Ask to have your smart meter turned off or shielded (best to have a building biologist shield your meter for you.)
  5. Sleep under an EMF shielding blanket at night, and consider shielding clothing for daytime use.





7. Decrease Your Other Toxic Exposures:


There are lots of other ways you can boost your health and keep your body less burdened with toxic exposures, which is particularly crucial if there are EMF exposures you can’t modify. Anything you can do to decrease the toxic load on your body — even in other areas that have nothing to do with radiation — will help make you more resilient and recover faster to toxic exposures you can’t control

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Reduce total body toxic burden by eating less processed and artificial foods, and more antioxidant rich natural healthy foods. Reducing environmental toxins like artificial fragrances and toxic household cleaners and toxic body, beauty and oral care products also goes a long way to reducing the total burden you put on your body each day. And absolute stop using those fake toxic chemicals on your lawn as well!!!
  • Wash your hands before eating anything to remove all the chemicals we pick up as we go about our day so you don’t get traces of them into your mouth with each meal.
  • Supplement with antioxidants that can help alleviate free radicals and oxidative damage. N-aceytl cysteine (NAC), glutathione, Vit C, Vit D, CoQ10, Apha-lipoic acid (ALA), Curcumin, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Resveratrol, even melatonin are all powerful antioxidants and help slow or even reverse the aging process. The very best, highest quality supplements in the world are all waiting for you (at a discount!) in my trusty online dispensary here.
  • Drink filtered water in large quantities daily
  • Get plenty of natural sunlight daily to boost longevity.
  • Get a pet.
  • Sauna routinely to boost health.
  • Increase your sleep by just one hour to increase your lifespan.
  • Exercise daily to help deliver much needed fresh oxygen and nutrients to all organ systems as well as aid in the removal of toxins and waste by-products. Exercise absolutely boosts your body’s health and resiliency!!!
  • Embrace a positive, uplifting health mantra.


Help spread awareness not only on the actionable things you can to help boost awareness of electrohypersensitivity in the medical community, and enjoy all of the actionable things you can do to reduce your own toxic exposures to boost your innate resilient health… even without a physician’s recommendation!

To your resilient, rebounding health!

xoxo, Laura