To My Husband (Yes, I Said Husband!)

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Exactly one month ago today… this happened:





This man is absolute strength during the bad times and incredibly playful during the good. In short, he’s wonderful.

He has been by my side during the absolute rock bottom moments of my life, standing there with arms open wide and a heart open wider. And not just for me, but with unwavering support for my children as well.



I feel in love with Steve during the worst crap storm of my life, and I am married to him now with an incredibly grateful heart.

I wanted to share that with you here, because many of you have been with me through that storm as well, sending me love and sharing a bit of the weight and the shock of it all by baring witness to it.

So you deserve to know when the storm has passed, leaving the landscape totally and utterly different, scarred and changed and reformed and with all the little shoots sprouting up again from ample rain and time and God’s hand, all mixed together.



Oh my goodness I love this man.

Steve, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done to share and witness and comfort and support and nurture a deep and abiding love that took root in the very the center of my soul.

I am so proud to hold your hand and walk forward into the future together.



xoxoxoxo, Laura