Two Easy Tutorials That Help You Perk Up Your Living Space

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Spoon mirror

We are now settled into our super cozy new space and we are filling it up with love and joy… day by day turning this house into a home.


One of the things that has helped the most is establishing a new, fresh energy there… and I want to share how we did that with you here today!


My children worked on two different mirror-related crafts (I found them via Pinterest… thank you Pinterest!) that I love so much… both have helped dramatically lift the energy flow in our new home.


We actually started creating these mirrors months ago (the pictures posted here are from our old house) and then stored them while we made a long transition into this new living space.


Well, I’ve got them unpacked and on the walls and they instantly made our new house a *home*.


I love them!!!


I notice that energy flow through a space makes a huge impact on how I feel in that space.


I love using mirrors to maximize the natural light coming into the room and keep it bouncing around, brightening up corners and hallways.

If you could use a little mirror flow in your own home, give either (or both!) of these fun, easy, homemade mirror tutorials a try!


1. CD Mirror:




Sooooo easy. I had tons of old CD’s that were scratched and no longer usable…

All I did was fold them one at a time into a dish towel (to contain fragments from flying out) and let my kids use a hammer to smash them into different sized pieces!


Then I had the fun using a hot glue gun to glue them in a random pattern all around the edge of an old thrift shop mirror.

I love how it turned out, especially from a distance!

Iridescent and captivating!






2. Spoon Mirror:


Spoon mirror


This one can look like a magnolia if you paint it white, a peony in pinks or purples, or a nice huge bright sunflower painted in yellow, which is what we opted for!

The kids had fun with this one — all we did was head outside (so as not to breathe the plastic fumes) and lit a candle.

Holding a plastic spoon over the candle flame, you can have fun watching the plastic bend and curl under the heat.

Each spoon becomes a unique petal.


All I did was simply hot glue gun them around a circular mirror, breaking the handle of the spoon off before gluing them on at different lengths to create rows of petals.

Spray paint it when you are done or leave them white and voila!

Instant room happiness!


Spoon mirror tutorial


The three things that I find instantly lift a living space and create a positive feel to the room are:

  1. healthy plants

  2. windows/natural light

  3. mirrors

So, if crafting isn’t your thing but you still want to bring a bit of vibrancy to a stuffy corner of a room, add a fresh plant and open a window instead!


I hope you loved these simple things you can do to perk up the energy flow through your own living space… leave me a comment and let me know if you are thinking of giving these ideas a go!

xoxox, Laura




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