Visit from an old friend

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I just had my dearest childhood friend come in for a quick visit. It was too short but then again, it was just right. She’s the kind of gal that I can go for a year or two without seeing, and my connection to her never changes one speck.

I get really attached to people. I will love my husband always and forever, and no other man. I will love and adore my children beyond measure forever, and never can anyone ever compare to them in my eyes. My family is now my *one thing*, the one thing I need in this world. I can do without anything else on this earth but those three souls.

I’ve always been like that. I had one best friend growing up, and that’s all I ever really needed or wanted.

I met this fabulous human being when I was only 5 years old… that’s 31 years ago now. She was my best friend all through the rambunctious silly childhood years, all through the awkward pre-teen years, all through the tumultuous teenage years, all through my evolving college and med school years…. really, until my husband became my soul mate.

And even now, she is someone that I will always treasure. Because I’ll never have that kind of one-on-one amazing friendship ever again as an adult. My family is my one thing, and I like it that way. The amount I have left over for friends has changed.

Once I became a Mommy, everything past my kids became secondary. And not only that, but friendships became much more communal, which is a good thing. Playdates expanded to include entire families, social circles evolved, neighbors, artist gatherings, patients and customers — they all have special spots in my heart and I’m a richer, more balanced person for having this wider social network. I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s just what I need as a mother and an artist and a woman.

But. There is just no denying that, for me, I really did love having one, lifelong friendship. If any of you have ever had one amazing best friend, you know just what I mean.

I didn’t have to wonder who I was going to go trick or treating with every year, who I’d sit with at lunch every day, who I wanted to hang out with after school. Who I’d give a ride to my very first time driving a car. Who I’d have spend the night on my birthday. Who I wanted to see most on the first day of school. Who I wanted to figure out growing up with… hairstyles, make up, bras, periods, boyfriends.

My friend of over 3 decades… I love knowing that when I’m 80 years old, I will have known you for 75 years. 94% of my life. If that’s not special, I don’t know what is.

Thank you so much for visiting, Kristin! xoxo