We Need This Earth Day More Than We’ve Ever Needed One Before

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This Wednesday is Earth Day!


And like I wrote about in my last blog post, the earth is literally begging — begging — us for a reset.

To me, the most positive thing that has come out of this pandemic is how this “forced pause” has been allowed everyone, all over the globe, to come together in an absolute, unified, world wide, eye opening moment to truly see that our wellness depends on the wellness of the planet.

And when we stop and pause, the planet heals. People are hearing birds singing again, noticing that springtime trees and flowers are waking up more vibrantly than ever before, the air is clearing as traffic decreases, global emissions are dropping dramatically, the water in rivers and bays are clearer, and consumerism and competition becomes obsolete as health and wellness become our deepest treasure.

The earth has been gently asking for us to slow down and connect with her for a long, long time now.

It took a worldwide pandemic for us to all hit a much needed pause button on environmental destruction and over-consumption of resources and the spiraling-out-of-control 24/7 workaholic daily routine to see it.

Let’s not let this global crisis be for nothing. Let’s give the earth the reset she desperately needs… because we need it too.

Are you ready to take healing the earth seriously?

Are you ready to take your own health seriously?

They are more intimately connected than you could ever have dreamed possible. Our health reflects our planet’s health, and vice versa. There is no getting around it. And there is no better time to connect to our planet to support our collective healing than right now.

So this week, all week long — and especially this Wednesday on Earth Day — let’s connect with our planet and boost our own health at the same time.

Today I give you 4 ways to celebrate Earth Day, even while social distancing:


Idea #1: Make Earth Day into a Personal Healing Retreat



This is me, taking a few moments to release a tension headache. However you are feeling right now, whether it is anxious, sad, frustrated, annoyed, tense, overwhelmed, bored, tired… the earth is waiting to give you a boost.

You can use the healing power of connecting directly to the Earth today and actually finish the day feeling better than you did when the day started.

Imaging studies and blood tests and common sense and ancient wisdom all agree… the earth is ever there for you, ever supporting you, ever washing away the inflammation from your day and the damage done to your body, ever renewing you and ever ready.

Some days within 1 second of touching the earth I can feel the relief washing over me. My headache soaks down into the grass or my shoulder tension melts away while I sit on a rock or my nausea vanishes while stand on a sidewalk or whatever stress I am holding onto that day subsides as I lean against a tree.

There is nothing that the earth can’t hold. From the tallest skyscraper to the smallest blade of grass. From your joyful dancing under the sun to your sacred whispered secrets into the ground to your tears soaking in under the nighttime sky.

You don’t need instructions from the government and you don’t need to know the latest medical news and you don’t need to read the scary headlines and you don’t need a pharmacy to hand it to you and you don’t need a doctor to recommend it… although I’m doing just that!

The one thing you can always turn to is the earth.

The one thing that reaches every organ system and every cell in your body is the earth. When you are out of contact with the earth your body feels the build up of inflammation and free radical damage and feels stressed and out of sorts.

When you come back in contact with the earth your body feels intense relief — and there is no better day to gift that to yourself than on Earth Day.

  • So start the day with a cup of tea or coffee standing outside watching the sunrise.
  • Or end the day looking up at the moon and stars for a minute before heading up to bed.
  • Take a midday break and do some stretches outside — a few neck rolls would feel amazing.
  • Stand on a sidewalk, or brick, or cement — it will all ground you.
  • Or simply find a leaf on a tree to touch and take three deep breaths. It will ground you too.



Want more ideas?


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Idea #2: Make Tonight An Earth Day Movie Night!



Movie nights are always fun when you are staying home. Pop some popcorn and click play… and share these film recommendations with the people that you love!

Free grounding films you can watch:




Idea #3: Get Outside and Go Heart Spotting!


I love hearts, as you can tell by the fact that I choose a heart to be my business logo!

All of my life I’ve delighted in finding hearts in nature while I’ve been out and about… nature is sending us love notes every single day, the trick is to notice them.

Today, take your phone or camera and walk around your neighborhood, grabbing pics of any hearts you find.

I love finding hearts in nature, here are some of my favs I’ve collected along the way:


Idea #4: Win A Free Copy of My New Grounding Book


If you are not sure how you can get grounded with stay-at-home orders in place, I wrote this book for you, because you absolutely can still ground daily for your health.

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If you are curious about grounding but not sure what to do once you get outside, if you live in a city and don’t have any access to a safe greenspace, if you are not sure what earth surfaces will actually ground you, then oh my goodness I wrote this book for you.

If you want to know how the practice of grounding, one person at a time, on minute at a time, can help save the entire planet and put it on a different trajectory than the doom-and-gloom path it’s been on, than I wrote this book for you.

Exploring grounding and setting up a grounding practice for yourself is so life changing, that if you use this stay-at-home time to get in touch with the earth beneath you, than it will not have been in vain.

If I could rename my book right now to be called: The Earth Reset: Protecting Your Innate Health During A Pandemic I totally would.

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Woot! Happy Earth Day my friends!!!

Get out there and go feel better… doctor’s orders.

xoxoxo, Laura