The Gift Of Health: Holiday 2014 Limited Edition

You CAN feel better!

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Did you know that every single thing on my website and in my shop comes directly from me?


I’ve written every word…

Painted every picture…

Hand shipped every single order…

Personally led every health class…


It always makes me smile when someone fills out my website contact form asking for a staff member to get back to them…

It’s not a staff member who takes care of you… it’s me!


It’s my honor and privileged to support your healing all year long through my newsletter and blog and website.


If you feel I’ve helped uplift your Well Being this year

please know that you can give this same gift of pure, positive healing

to your loved ones through new offerings in my Intuition Physician shop!


And always know that every single gift set is pulled together, wrapped and shipped

from my heart and my hands to yours.



Intuition Physician Holiday Collection 2014 gift ideas:


1. Wellness Gift Set:


The Wellness Gift Set includes:



  • 2015 “Heal All Year” Calendar
  • “All The Favorites” fine art notecard set: 10 notecards & 10 envelopes in a reusable gift box
  • Intuition Card Deck: Hearts In Nature
  • Inspirational Notebook, lined journal
  • Healing temporary tattoos (set of 6 healing messages)

Invite Well Being into your life for 2015 or give this inspirational gift set to your favorite loved ones!


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2. Earthingâ„¢ Gift Set:


The Earthing Gift Set includes:



  • The Grounded DVD — original motion picture that started it all!
  • The Grounded 2 DVD — the highly anticipated sequel, in limited edition!
  • “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?” paperback book
  • “From The Ground Up” healing children’s picture book
  • … and the grounding Plush Pad from Earthingâ„¢


Using the grounding pad to physically ground your body while you watch the films means you can literally be healing AS YOU ARE LEARNING ABOUT WHY GROUNDING WORKS through watching the beautiful documentaries!

There’s no better way to support the health and healing of your loved ones than with this gift kit…

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3. ” New Year, New You” Healing Class



My Health Flow Unleash Class only runs once a year… and it’s coming up in Jan 2015, perfect for holiday gifting (to yourself!)


This course includes 4 different health modules, one each week of the four week course, each designed to establish a new way of thinking about our current state of health…

…which include weekly meditations, weekly projects, journal topics and ideas so that you know exactly how to incorporate these modules into your daily life

Class also includes unlimited email support one-on-one directly from me, available throughout the entire course 24/7 and ONLY to participants of this live class!

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4. “Expand Your Intuition” 2015 Live Class


Intuition Live Class cover***New Live Class****


My Expand Your Intuition live class is a 4 week long program (Feb 16th – Mar 13th, 2015)

Each week includes both personal sharings from my own journey of breaking free from the box of convention as well as examples of the intuitive work I’ve done helping patients open and expand their own information gathering.

Weekly exercises, uplifting emails, live phone calls… ending with a one-on-one private phone consultation directly with me — so that I can give you my undivided attention and support for any questions that have come up along the way — I just can’t wait to begin!

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5. “Heal All Year” 2015 Calendar


april calendarCombining artwork that I personally created with intuitive healing prompts that **YOU** fill out, you can customize your healing all 2015 year long.

A beautiful, full color, desk top calendar that will work for you each day to affirm your most important health and soul expansion goals.

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Supporting your health and healing in 2014… 2015… and beyond….

xoxoxo, Laura