What Grounding Does To Your Muscles

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Our musculoskeletal system is the perfect conduit for grounding.


Your entire skeleton and all your muscles — as well as the connective tissues that hold all your organs and soft tissues in place — is a conductive conduit for healing is the basis for how and why grounding works.


When you touch the earth outside, your entire body is instantaneously grounded precisely because your entire musculoskeletal system is conductive — think of it as a conductive fiberoptic system that runs grounding instantly throughout your entire body, as easy as flipping a switch.


The musculoskeletal system is what makes you conductive, and what makes grounding instantaneous throughout your whole body.



In this video, I run through all of the medical literature on grounding your muscles and why it is so powerfully helpful in reducing muscle tension, relieving and even preventing muscle soreness, and much much more:



I recorded that video many years ago, so I decided to deliver this healing information in an entirely new way, by painting it for you!


Let me walk you through what I came up with:

1 . First I started by sketching out a body in movement, and outlining all the muscles that are being powerfully supported by the earth through grounding. I also started painting in the background and the energy that pulses from the earth:



2. Then I started really putting some more energy pulsing into the atmophere around us from the earth, painted in the grass, and then decided to do a cross section of earth under the foot to show the energy from the ground up into the human body:



3. Then I filled in the muscles and connective tissues that run along the body, making it a fully conductive conduit for healing… as well as starting to show the inflammation and stress and strain from the body draining into the earth… ahhhhhh…. this is my favorite part of grounding, just feeling it all drain away beneath me:




4. Then I started painting the reciprocal flow — the healing pulse of the earth running immediately up from the point of contact in the foot throughout the muscles and body of the person grounding. This would happen at any point of contact — I could easily have painted a fingertip touching the earth and it would ground your body the exact same way, as would any body part touching the earth in any way!




5. I used gold to make the grounded energy stand out a little more and symbolized this with sacred geometry spirals flowing both up and down, symbolizing the wonderful healing support we get from the earth at the first moment of contact:




Anyway, voila! My latest addition to my original healing paintings… you can find more uplifting original artwork that I’ve painted over the years right here.




Back to how grounding can and will help your muscle tension and soreness…

whether it’s from stress, poor sleep, an injury, strain from exercise or for any other reason, you can count on the earth to help.


But you can’t count on your physician to remind you to get grounded, because most medical professionals just aren’t aware yet that the entire structure of your body (all of your ligaments, tendons, muscles, skin and bones) are all conductors.

And it goes further than that. Because it’s not just your muscles, skin, bones, ligaments and joints that are conductors. And it’s not just the fluids, it’s the actual cytoskeleton of every single cell.

Your cells are made up of their own structural system that maintains their three-dimensional shape that is conductive and the fluids that our cells are filled with are conductive as well. I think of it as an electrically conductive gel.

So because each cell in our body is primed to receive conductive healing, you can have an instant response that’s not dependent on digesting something or circulating something or absorbing something (like a medication or supplement or food. ) It’s not dependent on absorbing a prescribed medication. It’s not dependent even on the food you’re eating. Those things can be very helpful and adjunctive. But nothing is as direct as the immediate result of grounding.

Even for chronic old issues, because now the earth can speed relief and repair right to an area that may be walled off and encapsulated by scar tissue and is not accessible any other way than electrically. So that is the incredible power of grounding your musculoskeletal system.




Grounding one cell is all that it takes.


Grounding just one cell will electrically conduct this healing flow through your entire body. Releasing muscle tension, supporting your joints, strengthening your bones.

You can use the power of this healing support to dramatically improve your performance the next time you are pushing your muscles. See if you can feel the difference between exercising grounded or not:

  • Notice if you can swim grounded in an in-ground pool much longer than you can run ungrounded with sneakers on
  • Notice if you take your yoga or physical therapy stretches outside whether you can hold poses longer and stretch further
  • Notice if you ground whenever you stop for water breaks during hikes and bike rides (just touch a tree, a rock, the ground) that you are much less sore afterwards
  • Or, notice if you sleep grounded after a hard workout that the next day you are not nearly as beat as you thought you would be!

Be open to noticing the healing support to your muscles that grounding can provide.

If you have trouble noticing a difference between exercising grounded or not, try following your results for a few months using this grounding tracker to help you reassess your improvement over time.

xoxoxo, Laura


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